Renting a Key West Scooter for the First Time? What You Need to Know

If you’re visiting Key West, a scooter rental could be the perfect way to see the island and get around. Of course, it’s important to know what you’re getting into so that you’re prepared. The good news is that scooter rentals are a great choice, and they’re pretty simple to navigate. 

When you choose a reputable rental agency like A&M Rentals, you’ll get access to a fleet of scooters, electric cars, and other options for getting around the island. You’ll also have someone on your side who can explain the rules, laws, and processes. 

Step One: Planning 

It’s always best to book your Key West scooter rental as soon as possible. Even though we have tons of vehicles available, the reservations go quickly and they aren’t always available on the spot. When making your reservations, remember that scooter rentals are only available to those who are:

  • Over the age of 18 
  • Licensed to drive 

Anyone else will have to ride as a passenger. Most companies won’t even let you reserve scooter rentals without a valid driver’s license that proves your age and legal driving status. 

Step Two: Navigating 

Once you get to the island, you’ll need to head to the rental agency location to pick up your scooter. There, you’ll get information about the rental, including fees and other details. You can also ask about getting around the island. The best companies will give you tips and pointers before you ask, so take advantage of that. 

Make sure that you know the laws for navigating Key West. Scooters have to follow all street laws and regulations, including yielding to pedestrians and parking in legal parking spaces. You can’t just park your scooter anywhere, and it can’t be ridden on sidewalks or paths unless they are designated for bikes and pedestrians. 

Step Three: Sightseeing 

So, now that you’ve got your scooter, where should you go? Why not head down to Mallory Square for the sunset celebration or to the Key West Botanical Garden to enjoy the natural beauty of the island? You can cruise around the beaches and coast, visit Old Town and its many historic landmarks, and so much more. 

Scooters make it easy to get around Key West. You’ll find plenty of parking at attractions, restaurants, hotels and resorts, beaches, and other locations around the island. If you’re not sure where to park at a certain location, feel free to ask so that you don’t get towed or get a ticket. 

Step Four: Returning the Rental 

Once you’re done with your vacation, you can simply take your scooter back to the rental agency. Make sure that it’s clean and in the same condition as you received it, and that you follow any rules or guidelines you were given about the return process. 

You can make this all much easier by choosing A&M Rentals. Contact us today and let us help you plan the perfect vacation with your scooter rental.