Maximize Your Experience with Your Key West Electric Car Rental

If you’re coming to Key West for a vacation, you’ve got a few different options for how to get around. Some people like to walk or bike around the island, but that can get tiresome if it’s your only option while you’re in town. Fortunately, there are also scooters and electric cars that can get you around a little faster and with less effort on your part. 

A Key West electric car rental allows you to choose the perfect size for your group and is an economical way to see the island in style. Plus, you don’t have to worry about polluting the air with a vehicle, allowing Key West to retain all of its natural beauty. If you’re thinking about an electric car rental, here’s what you need to know. 


What Is an Electric Car?

In this instance, we’re referring to a golf cart or utility-type vehicle that runs on electricity and can seat two to six people. They’re a popular choice among the locals for their small size and low cost to maintain and use, and rental agencies around the island make them easy to reserve for your vacation. 


Who Can Rent Electric Cars?

Key West electric car rental agencies allow anyone who is over the age of 18 to rent electric cars and scooters, provided that they have a valid driver’s license. Others can ride as passengers, but may not operate the vehicles. 


Are There Special Driving Rules?

No. In Key West, electric cars drive on the road and follow the same road and traffic laws as other vehicles. Not obeying those laws could get you a ticket, so be careful and courteous. 

Also, Key West has a huge pedestrian population, and they always have the right of way. Make sure that you’re paying attention and not getting in people’s way. 


How Do I Reserve a Rental?

You can get online and select the size and style of electric car that you want and then choose the dates that you’ll be on the island. Then, you’ll be prompted to fill out the rental agreement and either pay for the reservation or provide a credit card to secure it until you arrive. 

Then, you’ll get a confirmation and you’re done! Just relax and await your great Key West vacation. 


Can I Go Everywhere in Key West?

Electric cars can access all of the best of Key West, from the marinas and beaches to Old Town and everywhere along the way. There is also plentiful parking so that you’ll never have to wonder where to put your car while you go explore. If you’re planning a vacation to Key West and want to see the island in comfort and style, this is the way to go. 

Book your rental today or reach out to A&M Rentals to learn more about the different options you have for getting around when you’re in town. Fresh air, sunshine, and fantastic memories await!