Which Type of Key West Scooter Rental Should I Rent?

One of the best ways to get around the island is Key West scooter rentals. While you might not think of it right away, the transportation that you use when you come to an island like Key West is going to be a bit different. Even the residents don’t spend a lot of time in cars because the island is so small (and the weather is so beautiful). When you arrive in Key West, scooter rentals are going to be everywhere you look, and for good reason. 

Scooters are affordable, economical, and most importantly, they’re small. They take up less space on the roads and in parking lots, the latter of which are at a premium in Key West. But if you’re going to rent a scooter, how can you make sure that you get the best one?


Do Your Homework 

The first step is to figure out what your options are. You can’t pick a Key West Scooter Rental if you don’t know what kinds are available, after all. You can find a few different scooter-type options around the island, with one-seater and two-seater moped scooters being the most popular. 

These electric scooters are fairly inexpensive, so if you’re traveling solo or with a small group, they can be a fun way to zip around the island. If you’re not familiar with driving them, don’t worry. You can find tips and tricks online, and your rental agency will make sure that you’re comfortable before you leave. 


Who’s Traveling?

As mentioned, the number of people is usually the biggest factor that affects your Key West scooter rental. If you are alone, a one-seater is fine. If you’re traveling with your spouse or partner, you could choose a single scooter, or each get your own. Scooter drivers must be licensed and over the age of 16, so if you have younger kids, they’ll have to be passengers. 


What Can You Afford?

This isn’t a huge factor, but budgets do come into play when you’re vacation planning. Take the time to find affordable rentals in the first place, and then compare the costs of one- and two-seater options to see what fits your transportation budget. Ask about rental specials and other offers that might help you save some money, too. Deals won’t always be available, but you don’t know if you don’t ask. 


Get Your Key West Scooter Rentals at A&M Rentals

Perhaps you started out looking for a Key West scooter rental, but now you’ve realized that you might want something different—that’s okay, too! When you choose a rental provider like A&M Rentals, we have a full selection of scooters, golf carts, electric cars, and even bicycles for those who want to slow down and enjoy the ride. 

By planning ahead, you can do all of this and make sure that you get the perfect rental for your Key West vacation. Then, once you arrive, just pick it up and start exploring. The beaches, the beautiful landmarks, and the bounty of bars and restaurants are waiting! Whether you are looking for electric scooters Key West, Key West mopeds, or even Key West golf cart rentals, Key West bike rentals, and Key West electric car rentals, we offer it all. Contact A&M Scooters today on our website, or check out our full selection of Key West scooter rentals here


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