Making the Most Out of Your Key West Golf Cart Rental Experience

When you come to Key West, the first thing you need to get around is a Key West golf cart rental. With the right planning, of course, you can avoid a lot of the hassles and spend more time enjoying your vacation. The good news is that finding Key West golf cart rental companies isn’t difficult. Of course, they’re not all created the same. 

There’s your first tip in making the most of your Key West golf cart rental experience: choose a reputable rental provider when you make your reservation. 


Choose a Good Key West Golf Cart Rental

Golf cart rentals are a popular choice in Key West. Naturally, even though the island is small, there is more than one place you can go. As mentioned, you won’t find the same rentals and services at each place, so you’ll have to make sure that you do your research to find a reputable golf cart rental service. 

At A&M Rentals, we’ve been providing golf cart rentals to Key West visitors for years, offering a full selection of carts, scooters, electric cars, and more. 


Know the Rules of the Road 

Golf carts operate just like other vehicles in Key West, and in most vacation destinations where you can find rentals. You will have to drive on the roads and follow all the laws and rules like you would with a car. And in this island town, it’s always recommended to be polite and yield to pedestrians as much as you can. 

Make sure that you know where you can and can’t park, too. Everyone wants you to have a good time here, but there’s still a chance you can get towed or ticketed for parking illegally. 


Inspect Your Rental 

This is an important step that many people overlook. Fortunately, the good rental services are fastidious about making sure that their rentals are in good condition when they come and go. You should walk around the golf cart before you leave and inspect for any potential damages. When you return the cart, do the same thing. That way, you won’t be slapped with extra charges for damage you didn’t cause. 

If you do have any mechanical issues or other problems with your golf cart rental, reach out to the rental company right away. They will advise you on how to proceed and might even be able to bring you a replacement if your cart stops working entirely. 


Finally, Enjoy Your Vacation

You’re in the beautiful island town of Key West—don’t spend too much time on the rules! As long as you’re smart, safe, and start planning early, you can have a great vacation with a Key West golf cart rental. You’ll be able to explore the island to your heart’s content and enjoy relaxing instead of walking or biking everywhere, which can be fun but also tiring. At A&M Rentals, we’re ready for any questions or concerns you have and encourage you to contact us at any time! 

Whether you are looking for Key West golf cart rentals, Key West mopeds, Key West scooter rentals, or Key West buggy rentals, we have it all. We specialize in Key West golf cart rentals, Key West electric car rentals, and Key West scooter rentals. Find our Key West electric car rentals page here for the full selection, or get in touch with us here to learn more or to get started. 


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