The Benefits of Getting a Key West Electric Car Rental

Have you been thinking about getting a Key West electric car rental during your trip to the island? Key West is one of those destinations where getting around is an important part of your trip planning. While people here do have cars, they don’t often drive them because there isn’t a lot of parking, and the roads are always filled with tourists and locals alike on golf carts, scooters, and bikes. Key West is small—it only measures two by four miles in size. 


Electric Car Rentals are Convenient 

While a traditional car takes a lot of space and gas, an electric car rental can provide a more economical option. These rentals are compact and convenient, able to travel all around the island and not have to fight for space or struggle to get through traffic. These carts are easy to drive and navigate, and much easier to park than a traditional car or truck. 


Electric Cars Come in All Sizes 

You can also find Key West electric car rentals for all sizes of groups:

  • Two-seaters
  • Four-seaters
  • Six-seaters

If it’s just you and your friend or spouse, a two-seater is an economical choice. If you’re bringing the whole family, a six-seater could mean that you don’t have to rent two carts or find another mode of transportation. 


Electric Car Rentals are Budget-Friendly

These rentals are a lot more affordable than most people realize, too. If you don’t feel like walking around the island, this is a great way to explore without breaking the bank. The different sizes have different rates, of course, so keep that in mind when planning. 

Also, a tip with this benefit: electric carts should be budget-friendly. If someone is charging a high rate, they’re probably not a reputable rental agency. Stick with A&M Rentals for total peace of mind. 


Key West Electric Car Rentals are Plentiful

Unlike some destinations where you can only find so much transportation, Key West has plenty of options for electric cart rentals. That means that it will be easy for you to find what you need and take one more hassle out of the vacation planning process. Plus, if your cart happens to break down or needs attention while you’re visiting, the rental agency should be able to swap it out for you without incident. 

If you break down in a vehicle? Good luck, since you’re probably going to need a tow and will now be walking everywhere. 


Come to A&M Rentals

No matter why you’re coming to Key West, you’re going to find a lot to love when you arrive. The lack of parking and overflow of tourists might not be at the top of the “love” list, but when you have an electric cart rental, these things won’t worry you nearly as much. You’ll be able to kick back, cruise around the island, and explore every nook and cranny. 

If you’re looking for any kind of rentals for your Key West vacation, A&M Rentals has you covered. From electric golf carts to scooters and bicycles, you can pick the perfect transportation for your island vacation. A&M Scooters and A&M Rentals Key West offers the largest selection of Key West electric car rentals and Key West golf cart rentals on the island. We also offer Key West buggy rentals, Key West bike rentals, and Key West scooter rentals. You can find our Key West electric car rentals page here, or learn more about us here to get started. 


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