Get Around the Island In Style with Key West Electric Car Rentals

Heard of Key West electric car rentals? Many people choose bikes or scooters to get around on Key West. There’s nothing wrong with these forms of transportation, but there’s just something missing with them. 

The missing element is style! When you travel in a Key West electric car rental, you’ll be in one of the latest models to ensure your chariot is sleek and stylish! 

You’ll be able to accommodate large groups of people by taking advantage of Key West electric car rental. Easily maneuver around the island without worrying about fuel expenses, and protect the environment while you do it. 

Key West Electric Car Rental Specs

Our fleet of electric cars includes only the newest, most well-maintained vehicles available on the island. These electric vehicles are silent, free of emissions, and incredibly easy to operate. 

Every electric car we rent is inspected to ensure they are operating efficiently. Our four and six-seater electric car rentals can safely and comfortably shuttle larger groups of people across the island. 

Each car is equipped with larger tires that can easily get through sand and wet ground. While they’re not all-terrain vehicles, they can certainly hold their own in the sand and on trails. 

You can easily access the many back-country trails that Key West has to offer. Choose your adventure by having the ability to cruise the wild or legally travel on the city streets. 

Key West Electric Car Rental Highlights

These are some of the benefits of taking advantage of a Key West electric car rental. 

  • Easily access the beach, mangroves, and other back-country areas.
  • Electric cars are legal on all Key West streets. Follow the same rules as a normal car or truck. 
  • Silent and friendly to the environment. You can barely hear these electric cars when they’re operational. 
  • Great for sightseeing with larger groups of people.
  • Easily travel at night with your electric car. Each different model is equipped with lights for nighttime traveling and touring. You’ll be highly visible and safe at night in our electric cars. 

We offer a few other fantastic services if you plan on getting a Key West electric car rental. It’s possible for you to fly in and never need a full-sized vehicle at all. 

  • We offer airport pickup for all of our clients. When it’s time for you to leave, we also offer a drop-off service. This eliminates the need for car rental or paying for a cab or Uber. 
  • Additionally, we also offer a hotel pickup and drop-off service. If you’re only renting the electric car for one day, we can make sure you get back to your location safely with our transportation services. 

If you plan on getting a Key West electric car rental for your vacation, please contact A&M rentals. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or book an electric vehicle for you. Please remember to book ahead a few weeks before your planned arrival to ensure we have an electric car available and waiting for you! Whether you are looking for Key West scooter rentals, Key West electric car rentals, Key West bike rentals, Key West buggy rentals, Key West moped rentals, and Key West golf cart rentals, we offer it all. Come get your Key West electric car rentals and Key West golf cart rentals today by checking out our full selection here. You can find the rest of our website by clicking here to get started.