Make the Most of Your Vacation with Key West Scooter Rentals

You cannot go to Key West without getting a Key West scooter rental. If you’re planning a trip to Key West, you have a few options when it comes to commuting. It can be counterproductive to travel by car on the island, so you should consider other arrangements.

Key West is a heavy foot-traffic town, and because of its size, many locals and tourists don’t rely on cars to get around. Golf carts, bikes, and scooters are great options when it comes to being mobile on the island.

Renting a scooter is one of your best options, especially if you want to access harder-to-reach areas. There are several benefits to renting a scooter when you’re touring Key West. 

Benefits of Renting a Scooter

  • When you rent a scooter, you save money on gas that you would normally pay for with a car. 
  • Traveling by scooter allows you to have easier access to certain locations. Many areas in Key West don’t have car parking, especially more secluded beaches and nature areas around the mangroves. If you’re on a scooter, you can easily travel to these places without worrying about parking a large vehicle. 
  • Riding a scooter is just more fun! It’s exciting to be able to zip around the island on a scooter. Having the ability to hop off whenever you want gives you a chance to see more sights up close! 
  • You’ll save energy on a scooter. Choosing a bicycle can have health benefits, but isn’t the point of a vacation to relax? Enjoy the warm breeze of the Caribbean without pedaling yourself to death while you tour the island. 
  • Save money when you rent a scooter instead of a golf cart. Our scooters are very reasonably priced. The one-seater is available for $39 per day, and the two-seater can be rented for $60 per day. 

Scooter Options

We have two different options available if you’re interested in renting a scooter for your Key West vacation. 

  • One-seater. Our one-seater option is made for one person only. Travel solo on this scooter or ride together with your group. 
  • Two-seater. The two-seater scooters we have available are perfect for couples or people with children. If you’re considering riding children on the back, they must be the appropriate age. 

Whenever you ride a scooter in Key West, it’s important that you always wear a helmet. Safety should be number one regardless of your age. 

You’ll have the ability to store your backpack or purse beneath the seat of your scooter or on the floor area. Just remember not to travel too heavily during the day when you plan on riding the scooter! The person who rents the scooter must be 22 years of age and have a credit card for us to keep on file. 

If you’re interested in renting a scooter, contact A&M Rentals, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. You should always try to book your scooter or any other rental a few weeks ahead of the date of your vacation. A&M Rentals Key West offers all types of Key West scooter rentals, Key West moped rentals, and even Key West bike rentals and Key West golf cart rentals. If you are looking for Key West electric car rentals, Key West buggy rentals, Key West moped rentals, Key West scooter rentals, or bicycle rentals Key West, you have come to the right place. 

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