The Different Types of Key West Golf Cart Rentals We Offer

Choosing a suitable Key West golf cart rental for your vacation is an important decision to make. Different sizes accommodate different-sized groups, and ensuring everyone is comfortable can make your trip that much better. 

At A&M Rentals, we have three different sizes of golf carts to cater to parties of various sizes. The following list contains information on the types of golf carts we offer. It’s important to consider how many people will be riding, as well as the number of carry-on items you will store on the golf cart. 

Two Seater Golf Cart

Our smallest size golf cart rental is our two-seater. In this golf cart, there is room for a driver and one passenger. There is a small amount of storage room in the rear and directly behind the two seats. If you are riding solo or have one guest, this is probably the best option for you. 

Four Seater Golf Cart

The second size we have available is our four-seater golf cart rental. This golf cart has two rows of seats, as well as additional storage in the rear compartment. 

You will also find additional storage room underneath the four seats. This space is perfect for purses, backpacks, shopping bags, and other small to medium-sized items. 

Six Seater Golf Cart

The largest size we have available is our six-seater golf cart. Comfortably explore the island with six guests and the ability to store small bags beneath their seats. 

Alternatively, you can ride four passengers and have two extra seats for luggage and carry-on items. Please try to plan ahead so we can properly accommodate your entire party. 

Additional Key West Golf Cart Rental Information

When you get a Key West golf cart rental, there are a few things you should be aware of. These are some of the additional specifications regarding our golf carts. 

  • Each golf cart can ride for six to eight hours on a fully-charged battery. 
  • It’s important not to overload the golf cart, as this can lead to unsatisfactory performance. The additional weight leads to slower speeds, as well as shorter battery life. 
  • Every golf cart is equipped with seat belts and handles along the roof for safety. Please be sure to wear your seat belt when the golf cart is in motion. 
  • It’s important that you follow all of the posted laws in Key West when you are using a golf cart rental. You should exercise the same behavior in a golf cart as you would in a car. 

Each golf cart is priced differently, depending on the size. The following list provides the rental fees for each separate golf cart. 

  • Two Seater: $139 per day
  • Four Seater: $139 per day
  • Six Seater: $200 per day

We offer additional discounts for golf carts that are rented for extended periods. 

Renting a golf cart in Key West is a great idea and is an efficient way to travel. Always remember to exercise law-abiding behavior and be mindful of safety. It’s important to be aware of your return times and dates to avoid additional charges to your credit card! Contact A&M Rentals for any additional questions. We offer not only the best selection of Key West golf cart rentals and Key West electric car rentals, but also Key West scooter rentals and Key West bike rentals. No matter the type of rentals, we have it all. For our Key West golf cart rentals and Key West electric car rentals, check out this page. For the rest of our website, click here