What to Know When Renting a Key West Golf Cart for the First Time

If you’ve decided to get a Key West golf cart rental for your first trip to the island, you’ve made a wise decision. This method of travel is especially helpful if you have a larger group of people. 

Everyone can fit comfortably, you don’t have to worry about tiring out by pedaling all day, and there are plenty of golf cart trails. However, there are some important tips you should follow before your first Key West golf cart rental.


You want to make sure you can accommodate everyone in your group before you decide on any particular golf cart. Keep in mind how many people are traveling in your group, as well as their age and size. 

Most golf carts can hold either four or six people comfortably. It’s never a bad idea to get one with extra space in case you need room to carry things you purchase along the way. 

Length of Time

How long will you need the golf cart? Most Key West golf cart rentals are available in hourly increments, daily or weekly. 

When you are planning on a trip of five to six days, you might want to choose the full week rental regardless. Most places offer some type of discount for longer rental periods, and this could save you a little bit of money. 

Golf Cart Rules and Laws

It’s important to understand the rules and regulations regarding golf cart rentals in Key West. There are a few important things you need to understand and remember. 


You must be at least 22 to rent a golf cart in Key West. It’s also important that you have a valid driver’s license and a credit card. 

Most golf cart rental places require a credit card for incidentals. Usually, your card won’t be charged, but it is held just in case something out of the ordinary happens or damage has to be covered. This is also reserved for events when customers don’t return golf carts. 

Key West Laws

You need to know all of the laws for golf carts in Key West. If you are riding a golf cart in Key West, you are responsible for following all of the posted rules for driving and parking, just like a car. 

Follow all the posted speed limits, adhere to all signs regarding turning and stopping, and follow all the traffic lights. Additionally, it’s important you follow posted parking signs as well. Don’t think you can’t get towed or receive a ticket because you’re in a golf cart. The last thing you want is to be responsible for a ticket or a towed golf cart while you’re on vacation! 

In Key West, you can drive a golf cart on all roads that have a speed limit posted of 35 mph or lower. The majority of all roads around the Old Town and merchant locations of Key West are lower than 35 mph, so this shouldn’t be an issue. 

If you’re in an area that’s not posted at 35 mph or lower, you should find golf cart trails to use. Hopefully, you will find your golf cart rental reliable and accommodating. 

We Offer Key West Golf Cart Rentals For Everyone

Just remember all of the important points of the rental location and follow the laws. This will ensure a smooth rental period and a fun vacation! A&M Scooter Rentals of Key West offers not just the biggest selection of moped rentals and Key West scooter rentals, but also Key West electric car rentals and golf cart rentals in Key West! Whether you are looking for a Key West golf cart rental, Key West bike rental, or Key West scooter rental, we offer it all. Check out our golf cart rental page here, or check out the rest of our website here to learn how to get started. 

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