Check Out All The Key West Scooter Rentals We Offer

Have you considered getting a Key West scooter rental? Are you planning a visit to Key West and looking for a fun way to get around the island? Well, A&M Rentals offers plenty of scooters for rent that are the perfect size for exploring. If you’re interested, check out the styles we have. 


One-Seater Scooter

If you’re traveling to Key West alone, our one-seater scooter is the perfect choice for you. For just $35 a day, you’ll have a vehicle that’s easy to maneuver and park throughout the island. Each one-seater scooter is equipped with a headlight that’s perfect for driving at night if needed. You’ll also have plenty of safety features including turn signals, mirrors, and a kickstand for proper parking. 


Two-Seater Scooter

Key West is even more fun to explore when you have someone with you. Our two-seater scooters are great for you and one other person to zoom through the streets of the island and check out the sights. Getting a scooter with two seats will cost you just $60 per day, making it an affordable option. Again, our two-seater scooters come equipped with plenty of safety features: headlights, turn signals, mirrors, and more. 


Why Rent a Scooter?

Key West is only a mile long, meaning there are a lot of sights packed into a small island. This can make driving your car a little tight when you’re visiting. Choosing to travel by scooter allows you to be prepared for any tight parking spaces and they fit perfectly on the narrowest streets on the island. 


Perks of Renting a Scooter from A & M Rentals

While there may be other places to rent a scooter on Key West, none of them will give you the experience A & M Rentals will. We are open seven days a week with extended operating hours, making pickup and drop-off a breeze. Speaking of pickup and drop-off, we offer these services for free throughout the island. 


Our scooters are high-quality vehicles, so you’ll have a stress-free rental experience from beginning to end. Plus, with our two locations on the island, we’re easy to visit which lets you spend less time preparing and more time exploring. 


Non-Scooter Options

Are scooters not your style? That’s okay! A & M Rentals has plenty of other vehicle options as well for you to rent while you’re visiting Key West. 



We have four different types of rental bicycles which are perfect for a slower pace. No matter whom you have in your group, we have a bicycle for them. We offer kid bikes and cruisers for just $10 a day. If you need something a little bigger, consider our two-passenger tandem bikes for $20 a day, or our extra stable trikes for $15 a day. 


Electric Cars

Looking for an easy vehicle for your whole family? We offer three different sizes of electric cars, perfect for cruising throughout Key West. Our two-seater cars are $139 a day, the four-seaters are $139 a day, and the six-seaters are $200 a day. Each vehicle has seat belts and a windshield, allowing for a comfortable and safe ride. Plus, they have locking storage compartments in the back, making them a great vehicle for all-day exploring. 


Our Key West Scooter Rental Selection

No matter what kind of rental vehicle you’re looking for, A&M Rentals has what you’re looking for. Our vehicles are all the perfect size for exploring the beautiful island of Key West with zero stress. Reach out to us at (305) 896-1921 to book your one-seater or two-seater scooter today and get started puttering around the island!


Whether you are looking for Key West scooter rentals for the whole family or the best selection of Key West scooter rentals around, A&M Scooter Rentals has it all. We offer Key West scooter rentals, Key West moped rentals, Key West buggy rentals, Key West bike rentals, and even Key West golf cart rentals. Check out our full selection of Key West scooter rentals here, or find out how to get in touch with us on this page. Get started today!