Key West Electric Car Rentals – Tips to Remember

Key West electric car rentals are becoming more popular than ever. If you’re interested in renting one while you’re visiting Key West, they’re a perfect option for your entire family. A & M Rentals offers electric golf carts which fit two, four, to six people on them, giving you plenty of space for your whole crew.


However, if you’ve never driven an electric car before, you may be nervous about the idea of renting one. If that’s you, don’t worry! We have some tips for you to keep in mind when it comes to your electric car rental in Key West.


Get to Know Your Vehicle

Before you take off in your rented electric car, make sure you understand how it works. Have your rental attendant walk around the vehicle with you and show you the key parts of the car. This introduction will give you a great starting point for all you need to know about the car.


Make sure you know how to work features like the turn signal, seat belts, and headlights in order to assure you have the safety features figured out. If you notice that any of the vehicle’s features aren’t working properly, let your attendant know so they can fix the issue before you take off.


Follow Road Rules

Even though you’re driving an electric car, the same rules still apply while you’re on the road. Make sure you’re following all road signs and speed limits throughout the island. Since Key West is only a mile long, it can get rather congested in certain areas. Take extra caution to watch for pedestrians and smaller vehicles, like scooters, while you’re driving through town.


Have a License

While your electric vehicle may be considered a golf cart, all drivers are still required to have a valid driver’s license before operating the vehicle. It may be tempting to let your kid drive the car since it’s small and at slower speeds, but they aren’t familiar with the proper etiquette of driving on the street. When you let someone drive who doesn’t have a license, you’re putting yourself, the vehicle, and everyone else on the street in danger! 


Keep Your Stuff Safe

Electric cars are a great option in Key West because they offer room for your whole family plus your bags and other possessions. However, it’s crucial that you keep your things locked away if you have to leave the vehicle for any amount of time. Each of our electric vehicles comes with a locking compartment in the back area of the cart. This is the perfect place to store anything you need to leave behind. 


Locate the Chargers

Before you take off, make sure you know where electric car chargers are located throughout the island. This is a great question to ask your rental attendant because they will be able to point you in the right direction. The last thing you want to do is get stranded on the island because your battery died. Of course, if that happens, you can contact us, and we’ll be able to help you out.


Call Us for Key West Electric Car Rentals

Electric cars are a fun and environmentally friendly way to get around Key West. If you’re considering renting one for your trip, contact A & M Rentals to make your reservation today! These electric golf carts are the perfect size for exploring every area that our beautiful island has to offer!


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