How Much Do Key West Scooter Rentals Cost?

It’s a wise choice to get a Key West scooter rental on your next visit! Scooters are a great way to see this beautiful island and make all the stops you want along the way. Scooters allow you to get around more quickly, while still interacting with the environment in a way that you’re unable to in a car.

Scooters can get you to point A to point B around the gorgeous island of Key West in a quick and fun way! Best of all, they are more cost-efficient than renting a car.

Why Choose a Key West Scooter Rental?

Scooter rentals are an exciting and reliable way to get around the island. Unlike cars, they don’t take up much space. With a scooter, you no longer need to rely on ride-share services or public transport to zoom around the island. Unlike car rentals, scooter rentals are affordable and hassle-free.

A scooter can be a great way to add a fun and exciting twist to your vacation itinerary. They allow you the freedom of quick and easy transport while providing a unique and memorable experience. Whether you are visiting Key West with your partner, family, or just solo – a scooter rental is a fun and convenient addition for any group!

Imagine breathing in the tropical island air with your hair blowing in the wind on your scooter after a long day at one of Key West’s idyllic beaches – it sounds wonderful already, doesn’t it? It’s no wonder why many people choose a scooter to get around the island. They are safe, fun, and affordable.

Pricing for Scooter Rentals in Key West, FL

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our scooter rentals are. Let’s face it: vacations cost money! Between your lodging, plane fare, dining, and excursions – trips can really start to add up. 

There’s nothing worse than having to choose between paying hundreds of dollars for a rental car or relying on unpredictable public transport. Luckily, renting a scooter can offer vacationers a different option. 

Scooter rentals are incredibly reliable yet affordable! At A&M Rentals we offer one-seater scooter rentals for just $35 per day. A one-seater is a great option for the solo traveler or for the adventurous spirit in a group.

Want to ride with a partner? Two-seater scooter rentals are available for only $65 per day. This is a great option for couples looking to enjoy each other’s company in a new way! This is also a great option for friends to enjoy some bonding time or for the family to hop on together.

When you rent at A&M, you don’t have to worry about pesky hidden fees. We offer free customer pick-up across the entire island of Key West. We’re highly experienced with airport, ferry, and cruise ship pick-ups and drop-offs, so you can count on us to get you to your destination, at no charge to you.

Come to Us for All Your Key West Rentals

Looking for a fun way to discover Key West? Then, book a scooter rental for your next Florida getaway. Our scooters are safe, reliable, and a blast to ride! When you rent with us, you know you are renting from the best. We are open 7 days a week, have two locations on the island, and have been operating for over 20 years! 

Regardless of how many times you’ve been to Key West, getting a Key West scooter rental for your trip never gets old. There are always new places to discover and unique ways to have fun and explore. If you’re planning a trip t the area, contact A&M Rentals for reservations for our scooters and other transportation options. We have the largest selection of Key West scooter rentals on the island. Whether you are looking for Key West scooter rentals or bicycle rentals in Key West, we have it all. We even offer Key West buggy rentals and Key West golf cart rentals. 

Finally, always make sure you book in advance to make sure you have a place when you arrive and immediate access to a scooter! Check out our full selection here or learn more about us on this page

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