The Benefits of Key West Golf Cart Rentals

Before you take the plunge on a pricey rental car for your trip to Key West, consider a Key West golf cart rental. Golf carts are a fun and adventurous way to explore this beautiful island! Gold carts give travelers the freedom they desire at a great price point. Keep reading to see the top benefits of renting a golf cart in Key West, FL! 

Add Fun and Excitement to Your Vacation

Kids, teens, families, and couples all love the unique experience of riding in their very own golf cart! When driving a golf cart around Key West, you get an experience that a car simply can’t bring. You get to breathe in the tropical ocean air while you take in the beautiful sights. 

It’s not every day that you get to take a golf cart for a spin to your favorite restaurant – but golf cart rentals in Key West can provide you with this unique experience. A golf cart rental is sure to enhance your trip and make memories for years to come!

Key West Golf Cart Rentals Are Efficient

Key West is a relatively small island, only about a mile end-to-end. However, this small island is jam-packed with must-see sights, delicious food, and entertainment. You’ll want to see it all and a golf cart allows you to do so with ease. 

Due to the size of this island, finding parking for a large car might prove difficult. You’ll have to navigate narrow roads and may be unsure of where you are going. In a golf cart, it will be easy to traverse narrow roads and parking spaces due to their compact size. 

Plus, traditional cars can be costly to fuel. Golf carts on the other hand are not! At A&M Rentals our golf carts are electric, costing you nothing to fuel. To top it off, it’s a much more eco-friendly choice, too! 

Golf Carts Are Easy to Operate 

The idea of operating an unfamiliar vehicle might be scary for some. However, golf carts are incredibly easy to drive. They feature responsive power steering and straightforward automatic transmission. If you are comfortable driving a car, you’ll do just fine with a golf cart!

Key West is Golf Cart Friendly 

Are you thinking, “Couldn’t I get in trouble for driving a golf cart on the open road?” and the answer is: not in Key West, FL! If you are driving on a road with a speed zone of 35 or under, and obeying traffic laws, you are cleared to drive your golf cart on Key West’s roads.

This makes golf carts a fun, stress-free way to soak in the scenery of the island. The island features many beautiful roadways, lined with historic properties and attractions. Golf carts allow you to cruise along while you enjoy all Key West has to offer.

Rent at A&M Rentals Key West

Why not choose a golf cart for your next trip to Key West? They are fun and more affordable than rental cars! Best of all, you can count on A&M Rentals for all your rental needs.

We offer free customer pick up and drop off anywhere on the island! We’re open 7 days a week, with long hours for your convenience, and two locations on the island. This means we are always at your service where and when you need it.

Remember, A&M Rentals is your go-to location for Key West golf cart rentals. Remember to book ahead when you plan on taking a trip to Key West so we can have your transportation ready for you. We have the best selection of Key West electric car rentals, Key West buggy rentals, and golf carts Key West. At A&M Scooters, we even have a huge selection of Key West scooter rentals and Key West bike rentals. You can book your Key West golf cart rentals online here or learn more about us on this page

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