Staying Safe with Your Key West Scooter Rental on the Road

Interested in getting around the island in style with a Key West scooter rental? Anybody waiting to go on vacation should have a few simple goals in mind. Their main priorities should be to have fun, make memories, and stay safe. 

Whenever the situation includes any type of rental vehicle or lots of commuting, you need to be especially mindful when it comes to safety. This is especially true when you consider the rented vehicle is on two wheels. 

Although scooters are much safer than motorcycles or trikes, there’s still a level of risk involved that requires some vigilance on your part. Thoroughfares are low speed, and usually, the pace is just above a jog, but you still must be aware of your surroundings. 

This article will discuss the best ways to stay safe on your Key West scooter rental. 

Key West Scooter Rental Safety

Scooter safety is extremely important. Don’t take this the wrong way or as any form of criticism or jab at your ability to ride a two-wheeled vehicle. Honestly, the biggest thing you have to worry about is other drivers and not your skills specifically. 

This article discusses the main points of safety when you’re driving a Key West scooter rental. Use this list as a guide to make your trip to Key west a safe one. 

Obeying Posted Signs and Laws

Whenever you’re on a scooter, the same rules apply to you that apply to a car. This goes for the speed limits, signs, traffic lights, and pedestrian signal signs. 

Remember, in Key West; scooters are legal to drive on the city streets. The main thoroughfare is Duval St., and sometimes parking can be a headache. Don’t try to drive or park on the sidewalk to avoid traffic – it’ll earn you a ticket, or worse, you’ll get towed. 

Obey all posted speed limit signs which are generally 25-35 within the city limits. 

Helmet Laws

You should always have a helmet on no matter what your speed is. The law in Key west requires you to wear a helmet at all times on a scooter, but it’s still worth a reminder. 

Even when you’re on the off-street trails that lead to beaches and other hidden areas, you should keep your helmet on. As a general rule, practice keeping the helmet on until you’ve come to a complete stop and the scooter is in the parking position. 

Reflective Clothing/Lights

In Key West, you’re required to wear some form of reflective clothing and have a light on your scooter after dark. We’ve found the best type of light to get are the small, blinking LED lights. 

This keeps your visibility quite high, and other drivers won’t have a problem locating you. Usually, you can buy these lights for a few bucks at most big box stores. We suggest getting one before you arrive on the island. 

You should also get a bright, fluorescent-colored shirt or jacket to wear while you’re on the scooter. This, combined with the light, gives you maximum visibility and decreases your chances of being in an accident. 

Key West is a beautiful place to visit. Make it as safe as possible with your Key West scooter rental by following these rules and guidelines. Have a safe trip! A&M Rentals has all the Key West scooter rentals and Key West moped rentals available. A&M Scooters also offers Key West bike rentals, Key West golf cart rentals, and Key West electric car rentals. Check out our convenient locations or book now on our website to get started. You can find our Key West scooter rental page here for our full selection or our main website here

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