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Key West electric car rentals are the best way to get around the island. When you’re planning to visit Key West, most people are used to having the normal options for transportation rental. If you’ve never been to the area, you might not be initiated with the primary means of traveling on the island. 

If you’re a tourist (or a local, for that matter, in the past, there’s been only three ways to fly when you’re in Key West. You can pick up a bike rental, a golf cart rental, or a scooter. Well, at least, that’s what was available in the past. 

Recently, many veteran rental companies have been forced to upgrade their rental lineups because of newer options from the competition. No, these aren’t full-sized cars, motorcycles, or any type of ATV. 

Instead, these are electric cars that look similar to golf carts, only sleeker and more modern. These electric car rentals can make your vacation more exciting and give you the power to go places you may not otherwise have the luxury of going. 

What Are These Key West Electric Car Rentals?

Electric cars are more updated, visually-appealing forms of golf carts. They have wheels on them that are suited for off-road use. This is perfect for many of the destinations you’ll want to explore while you’re in Key West. 

At A&M Rentals, there are three different types of electric car rentals available. You can make this decision based on the size of your group or how much cargo and luggage you plan on carrying with you throughout the day. 

These rentals come in the following size options: 


A two-person electric car rental comfortably seats two people with one row of seats and a tiny storage area in the back. If you include the space beneath the seats, you can comfortably hold about four additional bags on these cars. 


Four-person electric cars contain the same storage room as the two-person option, with an additional row of seats. You can easily ride four people around with plenty of legroom. With the additional floor space underneath the extra row of seats, you should be able to comfortably fit six bags on these cars. 


When you have a large group, consider a six-person electric rental car. These have three full rows of seats, allowing you to comfortably transport six people with additional storage space underneath each row of seats. You can easily fit eight medium-sized bags or purses on the car as well. 

Additional Benefits

You’ll reap the following benefits of a Key West electric car rental: 

  • Off-road tires allow you to travel to places regular golf carts normally can’t travel to. 
  • Bright, LED lights to allow you to see better at night while making you more visible as well
  • As a final tip, consider using a bungee cord to fasten additional bags or items to the roof of the car. 

If you want to cruise around in style during your Key West vacation, consider getting a Key West electric car rental. Your guests will be more comfortable, and you’ll turn heads on Duval Street! Remember, contact A&M Rentals to book your electric car before your trip! A&M Scooters Key West offers more than just Key West electric car rentals, Key West buggy rentals, and Key West golf cart rentals. We even offer Key West bike rentals and Key West scooter rentals. Check out our full selection of golf carts in Key West on our website here. Or find our contact information here to get in touch with us today to get started. 

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