Fun for the Whole Family – Getting Key West Golf Cart Rentals

Getting around the island in a Key West golf cart rental is a breeze. There are several popular ways to get around Key West when you come here for vacation. Depending on how many people are in your group and where you’re planning to explore, one of these options should be suitable for the duration of your stay. 

Exploring Key West with a Family

When you’re exploring Key West with a family, the best options you have are either an electric car or a standard golf cart. Standard golf carts can be a great option for several different reasons. 

Benefits of a Key West Golf Cart Rental

These are the number one reasons for taking advantage of a Key West golf cart rental with your family. 

  1. It’s more time for the family to spend together. There’s nothing like enjoying quality bonding time with your family. Back in the real world, everyone is so busy with their jobs, school work, and sports. Nobody ever has time to do anything with the family. When you rent a golf cart, the entire family is together and can share in the beautiful experience of a Key West vacation. 
  2. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Standard vehicles burn off a significant amount of carbon monoxide from the exhaust systems, especially when they idle. Golf carts, however, are fully electric. These don’t leave a carbon footprint at all, and you’ll be doing your job to help save the environment. 
  3. You’ll save fuel expenses when you rent a golf cart. When you rent a car, you’re going to pay a significant amount for fuel, especially in Key West, where fuel prices are often higher in price. Renting a golf cart only requires you to plug the charging cord into an outlet overnight, and in the morning, your “tank” is filled up!        
  4. Make sure you follow all of the posted speed limits and laws when you’re on a golf cart. In the downtown area of Key West, golf carts are allowed and are held to the same standard as motor vehicles. This goes for parking as well – be mindful of any temporary parking areas. The last thing you want is to emerge from any of the local businesses and notice you’ve been ticketed – or even worse, towed! 
  5. Is this your first trip to Key West? If it is, you should take the time to write out a vacation plan before you arrive. List the places you absolutely want to visit before you leave, then map the most efficient route for getting there. This way, you don’t waste any additional time planning these routes when you arrive. 

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Don’t forget to call and book ahead before you plan on leaving. As a general rule, two weeks ahead of time is usually sufficient and ensures that you’ll receive a golf cart. 

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