Key West Scooter Rentals: Basic Tips

Have you considered getting a Key West scooter rental when you visit the island? When you’re planning a vacation to Key West, it’s already an exciting time in your life. Getting to rent a private scooter and zip around town like the locals can be even more exciting. 

It might not seem like a big deal initially, but once you find out the adventures that renting a scooter can unlock, your mind will change. Take the following things into consideration. 

Unlock Key West

Key West is a tiny city on a tiny island. There is one main thoroughfare running directly through the middle of the area known as Old Town. 

Aside from the side streets and some additional rural roads on the outskirts, there isn’t much in the way of vehicle transportation. BUT, there are tons of trails and other ways to get around that are much better suited on a scooter! 

We’re talking paths to private beaches, secluded parks, peaceful getaways beyond the mangroves, and other isolated areas highlighted by tons of beauty. However, most of them are only accessible with a scooter. 

Use the following tips to make your rental period more enjoyable when you do business with A&M Rentals. 

Key West Scooter Rental Tips

Use these tips to have the best time possible when you obtain a Key west scooter rental. 

  • Spend a little time studying the road laws before you arrive. This just makes it a little easier once you pick the scooter up and you’re not stressing over whether you’re breaking the law or not. 
  • Always make sure you wear a helmet. Additionally, you must have some type of flashing light on your scooter or body when you’re riding past dark. Go ahead and purchase something like this before you pick up your rental, that way, you’re already equipped. 
  • Don’t let anyone ride your scooter rental but you. You’re solely responsible for your rental and whoever you list as other drivers when you obtain multiple rentals at once. Don’t allow anyone who isn’t an approved driver to take control of the scooter. Otherwise, you will be held liable for any damage to the scooter, and the individual driving won’t be covered by any insurance. 
  • Do a quick inspection of each scooter you rent before you leave the property. If you notice any damage or anything unusual, make sure it’s noted on your rental slip and contract, so you’re not held liable for it upon return! 
  • Always be sure to return your Key West scooter rentals on time according to the date on your contract. This ensures you’re not charged any additional service charges on your card. 

Regardless of how many times you’ve been to Key West, getting a Key West scooter rental for your trip never gets old. There are always new places to discover and unique ways to have fun and explore. If you’re planning a trip t the area, contact A&M Rentals for reservations for our scooters and other transportation options. We have the largest selection of Key West scooter rentals on the island. Whether you are looking for Key West scooter rentals or bicycle rentals in Key West, we have it all. We even offer Key West buggy rentals and Key West golf cart rentals. 

Finally, always make sure you book in advance to make sure you have a place when you arrive and immediate access to a scooter! Check out our full selection here or learn more about us on this page

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