Road Tips for Staying Safe with Your Key West Golf Cart Rental

Getting around the island in a Key West golf cart rental is a must. When you’re traveling to Key West, you’ve probably made arrangements for travel. If you’re an efficient Key West tourist with a little bit of experience, you’re probably aware of the benefits of going with alternate means of transportation that don’t include a regular car. 

Scooters, bicycles, and golf carts can be the perfect way to navigate the island. This is especially true when it comes to hidden beaches and other places that aren’t accessed easily with a full-sized vehicle. 

Golf carts can be the perfect way to enjoy this additional access while still having plenty of room to carry equipment. Fishing, sightseeing, beach days, and purchasing amazing local art require enough room to hold your gear and more than sufficient golf carts. 

You’ll also have room for additional guests if you have a large group of people. However, just like with anything else, there are some important things you should know about remaining safe. 

Golf carts are much smaller than regular cars, so you’ll want to constantly remain vigilant and aware of other drivers. In this article, we’ll give you some important tips for staying safe with your Key West golf cart rental. 

Stay Visible

When you’re in a golf cart, you do have headlights and turn signals. However, because of the lack of size of these machines, it’s not always easy to remain visible. 

Luckily, there are some important measures you can take to make your ride more visible. Purchase a bright, neon-colored vest or accessory, so your golf cart shines. This will be effective at night as well. 

An even better idea would be to purchase a flashing LED light to place on the golf cart. This almost guarantees that other drivers and pedestrians notice your presence on the roads. 

Choose Your Roads

Although the roads through old town Key West have a posted speed limit of 25 or 35, this doesn’t mean every road in Key West is as relaxed. There are many roads that have posted speeds of 45, and these can be particularly dangerous for a golf cart.

We recommend staying off these roads altogether. Besides the safety factor, it’s also against the law to travel these roads by golf cart. If you end up getting a ticket, the worst injury you’re going to sustain is the damage to your wallet. 

Watch Pedestrians

There are plenty of people on foot in the old town area of Key West. A vibrant nightlife exists on Duval Street, and there are tons of people out and about at night. 

Remain vigilant when it comes to pedestrians, especially since some of them may be intoxicated and not aware of moving vehicles in their vicinity. Take an extra second before moving forward to look for people walking. You never know – this could end up saving a life. 

Purchasing a golf cart rental can make a great experience out of your vacation. However, safety is always number one whenever you’re in a moving vehicle, and a golf cart is no different.

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