Key West Electric Car Rentals: A First-Timer’s Guide

Key West is the ultimate destination for a vacation, and Key West electric car rentals are a must. The island is covered with activities for vacationers of all ages, and groups of all sizes. Many tourists arrive by plane or sea, and, once they’re on the island, need to procure another method of transportation. The city of Key West does provide public transit service in the form of buses, but some vacationers might opt to rent an alternative to accommodate themselves and the rest of their group. 

Rentals are available in the form of bicycles, scooters, and electric cars (a.k.a. golf carts). The method you choose will depend on the size of your group, but if you’re traveling with two or more people, the electric car is a good choice.  


Electric car rentals are available in two-, four-, or six-seater models to accommodate larger groups and families. These options make traversing the island of Key West more seamless for groups of travelers. For example, two couples could rent two, two-seater scooters and get around just fine, but then they would have to worry about potentially communicating with each other while driving, which could be a hazard. To rent a four-seater golf cart would sometimes be the same cost as two scooters, but instead, you’d only have to worry about parking one vehicle, and you could communicate with your group more safely while you pick a spot to go for lunch. 

Safety & Ease of Use

Electric car rentals in Key West come fully outfitted with many safety features consistent with standard vehicles, such as seat belts, standard tires, and disc brakes, and are braced for front or rear impact, and even roll cages around the seating compartment. They are built to maintain good visibility, and though traffic can be heavy on the island, most pedestrians on foot as well as tourists operating vehicles, are used to taking it slow and being aware of their surroundings. Practicing your own safe driving will help ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. 

Most electric car rentals are as easy to operate as an automatic automobile, with some slight differences, such as a parking brake that should always be activated when parking the vehicle. 

Rules and Regulations

Since the electric cars do not reach the speed limits required for US1 (the highway connecting Key West to Stock Island), bear in mind that you are confined to the island of Key West with your electric car rental. Don’t worry, there is plenty to do and see. Most rental companies also require you to be 22 years of age to rent one, with a valid driver’s license and credit card. 

It goes without saying that you should not consume alcohol before or during operating your electric car rental. 

If you have your rental overnight, it may require a charge, so make sure your hotel can accommodate this if necessary. 

Key West Electric Car Rentals a Great Choice

If you’ve never rented an electric car or golf cart before, don’t worry. They’re very user-friendly, and a convenient and eco-friendly transport option when enjoying Key West in a group. 

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