The Best Key West Scooter Rentals are at A&M Rentals

Have you heard of Key West scooter rentals? How much fun would it be to leisurely explore the island of Key West on a bicycle, scooter, or electric golf cart, and put yourself on “island time” just to see where the day takes you?

When you’re vacationing in Key West, you need an efficient way to traverse the island to maximize the time in your day and transport you to all the places on your travel itinerary bucket list. Many people, both tourists, and residents alike go with transportation rentals in the form of scooters, bikes, or electric golf carts for the convenience and ease of navigation and parking, as opposed to using their standard vehicle. If you’ve arrived in Key West by plane or boat, you will definitely want to procure a means to get around. 

When looking for a scooter company, you need one you can trust, with dependable equipment and reasonable rates. Choose A&M Rentals for all your island transportation needs, whether traveling with two or six people. They offer a selection of different vehicles to help you conveniently explore the island of Key West. 

Quality customer service that makes a difference is the first order of business at A&M Rentals, with daily operating hours and two locations for your convenience. They also offer free customer pick-up anywhere on Key West. As soon as you step off the cruise ship, ferry, or airplane, A&M rentals can pick you up and see you back safely when your visit to Key West is over. 

Safe & Dependable
The last thing you want is to be on vacation and have your transportation rental break down in the middle of Duvall Street. Not only is this grossly inconvenient for you but it could also be a hazard to other motorists on the road. 

A&M Rental’s equipment is checked and screened regularly for defects and maintenance purposes, so you can be confident that you’ve got dependable equipment to keep you on the move and enjoy what the island has to offer, hassle-free. 


Many people are starting to be more conscientious of the impact their actions have on the environment. Tourism is one of those collective actions that could hurt the natural environment surrounding a heavily populated and frequently traveled area. One of the issues it contributes to is the level of emissions from motorized vehicles: more people, more motorized traffic, and more pollution. 

To shrink the carbon footprint of tourism in Key West, A&M offers rental options that are more eco-friendly. Our equipment will produce fewer emissions than the alternatives, so you can enjoy Key West with a clear conscience that your transportation is not contributing as much to environmental concerns. 

Key West Scooter Rentals at A&M Rentals

Don’t run the risk of ruining your vacation with sub-par service through another transportation rental company. With a wide selection of vehicles from scooters to bicycles to golf carts. A&M Rentals has all the Key West scooter rentals and Key West moped rentals available. A&M Scooters also offers Key West bike rentals, Key West golf cart rentals, and Key West electric car rentals. Check out our convenient locations or book now on our website to get started. You can find our Key West scooter rental page here for our full selection or our main website here