Key West Scooter Rentals for the Whole Family

A vacation in Key West is not complete without a Key West scooter rental. Once you arrive on the island, you will need to decide how you’re going to get from place to place. While many people walk or bike, you might want the ability to move a little quicker and get where you’re going faster. This is where scooter rentals come in, and they’re great for the entire family.


Rules and Regulations

Scooter rentals can be a great option if you’re vacationing in Key West with older children. However, bear in mind you must be at least 18 years of age to operate a rental. Even though your younger teenager may have a scooter license back home, they still cannot legally operate a rental scooter.


Otherwise, scooters operate under the same rules as other road vehicles. Yield to pedestrians and obey road rules and posted signs.


A Note on Safety

Taking appropriate measures to operate your rental scooter safely is extremely important. Though scooter operation is relatively easy to learn, if you’re not used to driving one, you could be more likely to have a mishap that could ruin your vacation. Be realistic with your abilities when deciding if an electric scooter is the best choice for your transport rental, and maybe don’t opt to carry a passenger if you’re a novice.


Florida doesn’t have a helmet law, but making sure drivers and passengers are equipped with a helmet is always a good idea for that added protection when it matters. It is also illegal to honk the horn unless it is necessary.


You’re on vacation, and you’re meant to be having fun, but don’t let your fun take the form of recklessly driving your scooter rental. The best way to keep having fun is to be as safe as possible.



Key West scooter rentals are typically available in one- or two-seaters, so this can help you accommodate younger members of your family by having them ride passenger with those 18 or over. Just be sure you have enough people old enough (and capable enough) to operate the scooters who can pair with those who are too young if this is your chosen means of transportation on the island.


When operated safely, scooter rentals can be a fun means of transportation around the island city of Key West. They are quick in the streets and more maneuverable than golf cart rentals and are very easy to park. If you’re traveling in a group with multiple scooters, make sure you communicate where your next destination is and plan a route before you start driving when location hopping. That way, all drivers can focus on staying safe on the road while eliminating the distraction of trying to figure out where they’re going.


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