What to Know Before Renting Your Scooter on Vacation

What to Know Before Renting Your Scooter on Vacation



Planning to enjoy a scooter vacation with your family? There are several things you should brush up on first. Knowing safety measures, local laws, and rental tips will go a long way. Scooters can be a great choice for vacations since they allow you to efficiently get to all the best tourist spots over a few days. But make sure you know the legal requirements, such as having the right equipment or needing to wear a helmet.

Regulations on Riding Scooters

Before you decide to have a vacation on scooters, make sure you know the age requirements for the area you are in. In the United States and Canada, most individuals who are 14 or 16 can ride on a scooter. However, rental companies may require you to be 18 to use theirs. In most areas of Europe, you have to be 16 or older to drive a scooter.

The Rental Process

When you visit a rental company, make sure you read the entire contract and fully understand it. If you aren’t comfortable with the terms provided to you, it’s best to choose a different rental company. You should have your identification ready to show the clerk as well as a credit card to make the rental payment.

After you get a scooter, take photos or video of the vehicle. This ensures you can prove the state the scooter was in when you received it. It’s best to do this while you’re still talking to a rental employee so there’s no argument about damages when you take the scooter back.

Take Good Care of the Scooter

After you have the scooter in your possession, remember to always lock it up and take your helmet with you when you stop. There’s nothing that can more easily ruin a vacation than forgetting to lock a scooter to have it stolen. Even those who are cautious and take all the precautions should keep an eye on their scooter whenever possible to make sure it hasn’t been damaged or stolen.

Insurance is Part of the Process

It’s a good idea to speak with your insurance provider before you rent a scooter to make sure it’s covered. If you aren’t and end up in an accident, you could be forced to pay for damages. While this might be less of an issue when vacationing in a country you’re from, while overseas it can be more difficult due to the language barrier.

Always Stay Protected

Scooters can be considered safe due to the small engines and how easily they maneuver. However, accidents can happen due to how small they are, which makes them harder to see. Make sure you wear visible clothing, stay out of quick traffic, and remain out of vehicle blind spots.

As long as you consider these tips, you can enjoy riding around the streets of Key West during a vacation. Pick up an excellent scooter at A&M Rentals or get a few for the entire family. You’ll get to experience the city in a whole new way and you’re sure to have a lot of fun while you do it!

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