Knowing Which Key West Scooter to Rent

Have you got a trip to Key West coming up and you need a Key West scooter rental? Perhaps you’ve already got your trip booked for the coming season. If so, it’s time to consider how you will maneuver on the island once you arrive. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are likely to get you stuck in traffic on the four-mile-long island, so it’s time to consider something smaller. 

On Key West, there are several choices for maneuvering on the island, such as bicycles, golf carts, and scooters. Most people have their favorite options that are available. Many who like to weave in and out of traffic prefer a scooter. 

Choosing the Right Scooter

When looking at scooters for your Key West rental, one thing to consider is the style of the scooter that will be best for you. Of course, you can rent a single-seater if you’re traveling alone or if you and your companions feel comfortable riding a scooter alone. If you happen to be traveling with someone uncomfortable driving a scooter, you could opt for a two-seater model. 

With a two-seater scooter, you can visit wherever you’d like on the island with your companion while only taking one vehicle. One scooter for multiple people can be easier and more affordable. Renting a scooter is an affordable option for transportation around Key West, and if you choose a longer rental period, it can become even more affordable. Instead of renting by the day, you can choose to rent the scooter for the duration of your stay, which can often lead to discounted rates. 

Safety and Regulations

Scooters follow the rules of the road just as other vehicles do. In Key West, scooters are allowed on roads with a speed limit of 35 or below. Always pay attention to the road and surroundings around you when operating the scooter. Unfortunately, while aware they should watch for scooters in Key West, some drivers don’t always pay as much attention as they should, so it’s essential to always be aware when on a scooter. 

Anyone who wants to rent a scooter and operate it on the streets must be 18 years old or older. While a license to ride a motorcycle isn’t a necessity, it is required to have a driver’s license. Parents considering renting a scooter for their child to ride should be aware that the minimum age to ride is 18. 

When you rent a scooter in Key West, you should always be prepared to wear proper safety gear. Those who ride a scooter should always wear a helmet. While Florida doesn’t have a helmet law, rental companies require that you wear a helmet when riding one of their scooters. 

A&M Rentals – Huge Selection of Key West Scooter Rentals

When traveling to Key West, a scooter is an excellent mode of transportation. Choose a single or double-seat model depending on your plans and how comfortable you and your companions are on a scooter. For the best scooter rentals, contact A&M Scooters. They have a large selection of scooters and offer other transportation options as well. 

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