Make the Most Out of Your Key West Golf Cart Rental Experience

If you’ve never been to Key West and you’re planning to travel there in the near future, you might want to consider a Key West golf cart rental for your stay on the island. You may wonder why a golf cart rental is an ideal way to travel around the island. The island is a popular vacation destination, which means there are a large number of people in a small space. A small vehicle is better for that crowd, but why a golf cart? 

They’re the Right Size

A golf cart is a perfect size for traveling around Key West. It can handle narrow streets better than a car or SUV. Golf carts can weave amongst the traffic, park in tight spaces, and run on a small amount of gas for an entire day. Unlike a scooter, a golf cart can carry up to six people and packages, or perhaps the things you need for a picnic at the beach. 

They Are Rugged and Fun

Golf carts aren’t just for the golf course. In Key West, golf carts are legal for driving on the streets. They can handle the terrain all around the island. 

They Are Safe

Golf carts are safer for a family to use and more comfortable than a scooter. They offer plenty of seating and legroom while providing shade and a more enclosed mode of travel than a scooter or a bicycle. 

They’re Easy to Drive

Golf carts are easy to drive. If you’ve never driven a golf cart, you might be surprised how easy they are to drive. Most of them are quite responsive when driving and braking. The engines are typically economical and worry-free. 

They Make Sightseeing a Breeze

Imagine how tired you’d be if you walked all over the island trying to see the sights. Instead, if you choose to rent a golf cart, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Key West on wheels. Passengers can easily get in and out of the golf cart, and it’s more freeing than driving around in a car. Experience the fun of traveling Key West in an economical, fun vehicle. 

They’re Economical

You can rent a golf cart for an entire day for an economical rate. Whether choosing a two-seater or a six-seater, you’ll find the price fits various budgets. The two- and four-seater models at A&M Rentals are typically around $139 per day plus tax, and the six-seater models run approximately $200 per day plus tax. 

Key West Golf Cart Rentals at A&M Rentals

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