The Best Key West Scooter Rentals are at A&M Rentals

When on vacation, Key West scooter rentals can get you from place to place quickly and easily. Though cars are the most common option for this, a scooter rental from A&M Rentals can be precisely what you have been looking for.

Before you rent a scooter for the first time, it helps to know what to look for. Consider this your guide to renting electric scooters and how they can make your vacation even better.

Give Things a Once Over

Whether renting a scooter with A&M Rentals or somewhere else, you need to know that your scooter is up to the task. Before you walk away with your rental, take the time to give the entire scooter a good look over.

Check out the body, looking for any dings or marks. Doing so will ensure that you don’t have to pay for it after returning. Give the tires a look to make sure they have been properly inflated and are safe for use. Ensuring that all the major components of the scooter are in good order will save you major trouble when you go to return it.

Keep Safety in Mind

Above all else, you need to be certain that you are being safe while using an electric scooter. Even though it might not seem like it, an electric scooter can get moving quite quickly. The last thing you need is to have a fall that can result in injury, ruining your vacation in the process.

There are a few essentials that will ensure your safety throughout the travel process. Some are optional – like a jacket, though it can prove valuable in a fall – while others are not.

  • Gloves. Gloves can help to keep you safe should you fall; pavement burn is one thing that you want to avoid if you can help it.
  • Helmet. Even a seemingly harmless fall can lead to a head injury. Having a helmet on may not feel like the most stylish option, but it can be a literal lifesaver. Don’t go anywhere without having a helmet on or you may come to regret it.
  • Shoes. For those tropical vacations, it can be all too easy to stick with sandals. When you get on an electric scooter, however, you want to stick with closed-toe options only. Debris can fly up and leave your feet feeling worse for the wear.
  • Pants. Like the jacket, it may seem counterintuitive to wear extra clothing while riding. But that extra clothing can save you from major road rash in the event of a fall.

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