Key West Golf Cart Rentals – How to Stay Safe and Smart on the Road

Planning to get a Key West golf cart rental to get around the island is an economical and environmentally friendly way to see the city. It’s also an experience that isn’t available just anywhere. Key West makes driving these vehicles as safe and welcoming an experience as possible, but drivers must also take responsibility for following laws and taking all the necessary steps to make their experience as safe as possible.

Street Legal

In Key West, the golf carts you can rent are considered to be street-legal. This means they come with several required safety features, including brake lights, headlights, parking breaks, mirrors, and more. These features are there to keep the driver and any passengers safe, but they’re also in place for the benefit of other drivers on the road. A&M Rentals carefully maintains its selection of golf carts to meet all of these safety standards. 

In addition to what is required of the golf carts, all drivers need to remember that they must adhere to traffic laws. Obey traffic lights, road signs, and all other rules that would apply if you were operating a standard vehicle. Since golf carts use the same public roadways as other vehicles, they follow the same set of rules. 

Low-Speed Vehicles

There are some limitations on golf carts in Key West. Street-legal golf carts are considered to be “Low-Speed Vehicles” and are only allowed to be driven on roads with speed limits of 35mph or lower. Fortunately, in Key West, this is not a difficult rule to follow. Many of the popular areas have streets with speed limits that do not exceed 20 mph. It’s important that you follow these simple indicators in order to keep yourself, your passengers, and other drivers safe. 

Requirements to Rent

In order to rent a golf cart, you must have a valid driver’s license. No special license is required, but golf carts are not meant to be operated by children. Even though they do not look like standard cars, it is crucial that golf carts are treated as vehicles. Only adults should be in the driver’s seat. All other passengers should sit back and enjoy the ride! 

Be Safe and Have Fun! 

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