Staying Safe with Your Key West Scooter Rental on the Road

Getting your hands on a Key West scooter rental can be the best way to explore the island. Whether you’re here for a few hours during a cruise or you’re spending a week in paradise, scooters help you get where you’re going without dealing with traffic. Plus, they’re a lot of fun! That said, you’ll need to make sure you’re staying safe with your Key West scooter rental while on the road. Follow these tips to protect yourself and your group.


Know the Area


First, make sure you know where you’re going. Key West isn’t a big place, but with sometimes narrow roads and lots of twists and turns, it’s easy to get confused. Pick up a roadmap of Key West before setting out, or ensure you have a decent map app on your smartphone. We recommend Apple Maps, Waze, and Google Maps if you’re going the electronic route.


Charge Your Smartphone


You won’t find a lot of opportunities to charge your smartphone while you’re out and about, although some of the establishments on Duval Street have limited charging facilities inside. Make sure your smartphone is charged before you head out for the day. That ensures you can make emergency calls, access your map app, and more. 


Be Careful When Parking


Some visitors assume that because scooters are compact, they can park them just about anywhere. That’s not necessarily true. Key West is a small island, so space is at a premium. You’ll need to watch for a few things:


  • Designated parking areas
  • Designated no-scooter parking areas


If you’re not sure about where you can park, we can help. We’ll happily provide you with a rundown of what to expect when parking your scooter during your Key West stay. 


In addition to watching for designated parking/no-parking areas, you’ll want to be conscientious. Many visitors park their scooters on the sidewalk or right in front of buildings, which creates hazards for people trying to walk, particularly at night. Keep your scooter well away from areas where people will be walking.


Reflective Clothing


If you’ll be riding your scooter at night, you must wear at least some reflective clothing. Key West doesn’t sleep, particularly during peak tourist season, so there’s always traffic. Purchasing a garment with reflective stripes is an investment in your safety. Worried that a jacket will be too hot? You can find shirts and other garments with reflective stripes, as well as removable, temporary stripes that you can apply to your regular clothing.


Staying Safe with Your Key West Scooter Rental on the Road


At A&M Rentals, we offer a wide range of scooters to help you get around during your visit to Key West. We also have two locations on the island to ensure your convenience, and both locations open early and stay open late to ensure you have the best possible experience while here. During check-in, one of our friendly staff members will also be happy to provide you with additional safety information. 


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