Check Out Our Full Selection of Key West Electric Car Rentals

Have you considered Key West electric car rentals for your next trip to the island? Whether you’re coming for a few days or a couple of weeks, there’s a wealth of options to explore and enjoy. From iconic landmarks like the Southernmost Point marker and the Hemingway House to Duval Street and incredible shopping, there’s something for everyone.

While Key West isn’t a big place, most people find they need transportation once they get here. Walking is possible, but if you’re trying to see as much as possible, you’ll need a vehicle for some time. For many visitors, that means renting an electric car. We’re happy to offer a wide selection of Key West electric car rentals to suit just about any group.




The most compact option we offer is a 2-seater electric car. Large enough to accommodate two adults, along with a little bit of gear or souvenirs, this electric car will get you where you’re going on the island in comfort. Plus, its compact size means you can easily get into tighter spaces where regular vehicles cannot go.




Visiting Key West on a family vacation? Our 4-seater is a great choice! It easily accommodates four adults, plus there’s room in the back for a few groceries or other items. The chassis is only slightly longer than our 2-seater, so you can still get into and out of tight areas with ease. 




Do you have a large group? Maybe you’re looking for a way to accommodate multiple people on a tour of the island. Whatever the case, our 6-seater is the largest option in our fleet. With seating for six adults plus gear storage in the rear, it’s a perfect choice for touring the island and checking out all the destinations and sights without having to deal with a regular vehicle. 


Tips for Enjoying Your Key West Visit


With an electric vehicle from A&M Rentals, the entire island is open to you. From the beach to Duval Street and everything in between, getting around is so much simpler with the right vehicle. Of course, you’ll also want a few tips to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. 


  1. Drive with care. Key West can get crowded, and even small vehicles like our electric cars can get caught in the congestion, so drive with care.


  1. Stick to the roads. While our 2-seater is compact, it should not leave the roadway. That means keeping off the sidewalks.


  1. Park only in designated areas. Our 2, 4, and 6-seater electric cars should be parked the same way you would park a regular vehicle – in a designated parking spot only.


  1. Have fun, but be safe. Driving an electric car is no different from driving a regular vehicle, and that includes laws that govern drinking and driving. 


Check Out Our Full Selection of Key West Electric Car Rentals


Ready to explore Key West to its fullest? At A&M Rentals Key West, come explore our Key West electric car rentals to find the perfect option for you. We offer Key West electric car rentals, Key West buggy rentals, and Key West golf cart rentals for the entire family! Also, be sure to check out our scooter and bike rentals if you’re looking for a unique way to take in the island!