Road Rules and Laws to Follow with Your Scooter Rental

Getting a Ket West Scooter rental can be fun, but you must follow the rules and laws set in place. These guidelines are for your safety so you can have fun and explore all Key West offers. 

Where Can You Drive Your Key West Scooter Rental?

The City of Key West has laws that forbid scooters from being ridden on sidewalks or pedestrian paths unless designed as multi-use paths. Instead, scooters should be driven on the roads through the city. 

Your scooter can go on a few multi-use pathways throughout the city. These paths include:

  • North and South Roosevelt Boulevards
  • Palm Avenue to Eaton Street
  • Berth Street going to Atlantic Boulevard
  • College Road across Cow Key Channel

How Fast Can Your Scooter Legally Go?

The speed limit for motorized scooters in Key West is 15 miles per hour. Even if you’re on a road with a higher speed limit than that, you must always obey the scooter speed law. Fortunately, many roads throughout Key West have lower speed limits, so you should feel safe going this speed. 

Motor scooters are different because they have a saddle or seat, so the rider doesn’t have to stand. These motor scooters can travel up to 30 miles per hour throughout Key West.

Do You Need to Wear a Helmet on Your Scooter?

The law in Key West states that any rider under 16 years old should always wear a helmet on a scooter. It’s also recommended to wear helmets when going downhill, regardless of age, though not a legal requirement. 

A&M Rentals requires all riders to wear a helmet for every ride, even when the law doesn’t require it. This rule ensures your safety whenever you get on one of our rental scooters. Head safety is crucial to an enjoyable scooter experience. 

Other Scooter Rules

Along with the main laws covered above, there are more guidelines you may need to know during your rental period, including the following:

  • Rental scooters can NEVER park in residential parking spots throughout the city. 
  • Scooters follow the right-of-way guidelines other motor vehicles do, including yielding to pedestrians. 
  • Scooter drivers should always wear bright or reflective clothing to allow for easier visibility while on the road. 
  • All scooters must be registered and insured before being ridden. All A&M rentals have this taken care of for you.
  • All traffic signs and signals apply to scooters. 
  • All scooter drivers must have a valid driver’s license. 
  • You must be 18 years old or older to rent a scooter from A&M Rentals. 


If you’re getting a Key West scooter rental, you’re in for an exciting time and will have the advantage of moving around easier than a full-sized car. Reference the laws if you are unsure about any decision you need to make while you’re driving. It might be a hassle but taking the extra few minutes to look up the rules of the road could save you a significant amount of money you might owe if you need to pay a ticket! A&M Rentals has the biggest and best selection of Key West scooter rentals on the island. Whether you are looking for moped rentals in Key West, Key West golf cart rentals, or Key West bike rentals, we have it all. Stop by A&M Rentals Key West today, check out our website, or find our full selection of Key West scooter rentals here

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