Key West Scooter Rentals – First Timer’s Guide

Are you a first-time visitor to Key West – consider Key West scooter rentals to get around the island. Or, maybe you’ve visited the island before, but you’ve never rented a scooter. No matter your experience on the island, this first-timer’s guide to scooter rental will give you the information you need to make a good rental decision. 

Decide What Kind of Scooter You Need

Scooters are available in one-seat and two-seat versions. If you are traveling alone, a one-seat model is likely as large as you need. However, if you are traveling with a companion, a two-seat model might save you money in the long run. 

Sometimes companions choose to rent two scooters. This is typically the case if they are both experienced riders or have plans to visit some areas separately. However, if a couple is traveling together, or if one friend is unsure about controlling a scooter, a two-seat model will get both people to their destination for one price and less gas. 

Make Reservations

Once you’ve decided on the kind of transportation you would like to rent, making reservations is essential. During peak season, rental companies can get extremely busy, so making a reservation will guarantee you access to a scooter when needed. Leaving this to chance could mean that nothing is available when you get to Key West. 

Evaluate the Equipment

Before signing the rental agreement, you should quickly inspect the scooter you are renting. Check for any obvious damage to the exterior of the machine. Request an opportunity to ride the scooter around the parking lot before you finalize the agreement. That step will allow you to check for mechanical flaws or tire imbalances. 

Rent Based on Your Trip

You have options for the length of your rental contract. If you only need the rental for a trip to a specific attraction, we can accommodate that with a rental agreement for a few hours. A 24-hour rental contract might be the best choice for you if you have multiple destinations during one day. 

Rentals can also be made for longer terms if you need the rental for the entire trip. You can customize the rental for your needs. Sometimes, longer rental times can include discounts that allow you to get a better deal over a daily or hourly rate. 

Licensing and Safety Requirements

When renting a scooter from A&M Rentals, you must have a valid driver’s license. You must also be 18 years old or older. As a scooter rider, you will be expected to follow the rules of the road. Always be aware of your surroundings, road signs, and lights. 

Those 16 and over aren’t required to wear a helmet in Florida. However, A&M Rentals recommends a helmet for any driver or passenger on a scooter. 

We Have Key West Scooter Rentals for All

When visiting Key West, you want the most economical, fun way to move around the area. Contact A&M Rentals to discuss your options for renting a scooter for your next trip. Renting a scooter can add a fun twist to any Key West vacation. There’s something exhilarating about exploring the historic streets with the wind in your hair (or, preferably, your helmet) and hopping from destination to destination. Contact A&M Rentals in Key West for all your rental transportation needs. We have everything you need when it comes to Key West scooter rentals and moped rentals in Key West. It doesn’t stop at just Key West scooter rentals, though. We also offer Key West bike rentals, Key West electric car rentals, and Key West golf cart rentals. Check out the full A&M Rentals selection of scooter rentals here or on our full website