Getting a Key West Electric Car Rental – The Benefits

Have you considered getting a Key West golf cart rental on your next vacation on the island? In Key West, you can travel by car, walk the island, or rent a scooter, bicycle, or golf cart. One of those rentals will help travelers get from place to place more easily. At A&M Rentals, we offer a selection of rentals for you to choose from. 

Why Choose a Golf Cart

A golf cart is a versatile vehicle for getting from point A to point B. They can maneuver better than a car, truck, or SUV, but they are more enclosed than a bicycle or a scooter. Parking isn’t an issue when traveling by golf cart because they will fit into small spaces. 

Virtually anyone can drive a golf cart. If you can operate a car, you can use a golf cart. The golf carts are responsive while driving and braking, making them easy to handle. 

With a golf cart, passengers can enter and exit easily, and there is typically still room for packages. Or, perhaps, you’d like to plan a picnic with your loved ones. Our golf carts offer space to carry a cooler or picnic basket. 

What We Have to Offer

In our selection of golf carts, you’ll find two-seaters, four-seaters, and six-seaters. What does that mean for you? Well, you can select the option that best fits your group. The six-seater is the best choice if you have a group of five or six people. Three or four people fit easily into the four-seater, while you and your significant other will fit nicely in the two-seater. 

If your group has more than six people, you can rent multiple golf carts to accommodate your needs. If you’re worried that a golf cart rental will break the bank, don’t be! Our two- and four-seat models rent for a reasonable daily rate, and our six-seat model is only slightly more to rent. 

All of our golf carts are legal to drive on the street. That means they are equipped with appropriate headlights, taillights, and braking systems. They also have appropriate turn signals, speedometers, horns, and other seat belts, among other safety features. Street-legal golf carts must be operated by a properly licensed driver. 

When you choose to rent from us, you’ll get a rundown of the rules for operating one of our rentals. For example, you must be 18 or older to rent or drive one of our vehicles. Golf carts and scooters must be operated on roads with lower speed limits for your and your passengers’ safety. 

Getting a Key West Golf Cart Rental with Us

A&M Rentals offers a variety of golf cart sizes to accommodate your group. Whether traveling as a couple or as a group of friends or family, a golf cart rental is one of the best, most efficient options for transportation in Key West. There is a huge selection of Key West golf carts, Key West scooter rentals, and Key West electric car rentals to choose from during your vacation to Key West. A&M Rentals of Key West has the best selection of Key West golf cart rentals, golf carts key west, Key West buggy rentals, and Key West electric car rentals. We even offer Key West bike rentals and Key West moped rentals. Check out our website to learn more or visit this page to check out our full selection of Key West golf cart rentals.