Scooter Rentals on Vacation Are Fun for the Whole Family

Scooter Rentals on Vacation Are Fun for the Whole Family




You want to plan the perfect trip for your vacation based in Key West, FL – so why not get a Key West scooter rental? You know where you’re going to be staying, and you can’t wait to enjoy this beautiful city on a scooter since it can make getting around easier. However, you want to make the most out of your scooter rentals. Below are some tips that will help.

Figure Out Where You Want to Go

Whether you’ve been to Key West before, or this is your first time, you’ll want to have an idea of the places that you can visit. Check out some of the main attractions in the area and find places that appeal to you. Consider where they are in relation to where you’ll be staying and plan out some routes on how to get there using the scooter. This can help to make navigating easier.

Of course, don’t be afraid to enjoy some time simply exploring on your scooter rental. Getting out and cruising is one of the best things about them.

Learn the Rules of the Road

Before you get on the scooter, you should take the time to learn the rules of the road for scooters. Essentially, they will have to follow the same rules as other motor vehicles. Understanding the laws and following them ensures you don’t get a ticket. You should also keep in mind that those who are under 16 or who do not have a license can’t rent and drive scooters. They can be passengers, though.

Wear a Helmet and Be Safety Conscious

Although drivers are not required to wear a helmet by the law, it is advisable to do so. It’s safe to use scooter rentals, but it’s good to err on the side of caution. Some rental companies might require that you wear a helmet. Also, pay attention to what others are doing on the road. You can control the way you drive, but you can’t control others. Drive defensively, just as you would at home.

Book Your Scooters Early

You don’t want to find that the company you chose for your scooter rentals is fully booked when you arrive. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to book your rentals early. Doing this in advance will ensure that you have the number of scooters you booked ready to go so you can start enjoying your vacation.

Rent the Scooters for a Week

Here’s a great tip if you want to save some money. Even though it’s affordable to rent a scooter for a day, why not rent it for a week or more? When you increase the length of time for the rental, you can often get much cheaper prices. It could end up saving you quite a bit of money, plus you’ll have the benefit of a scooter rental each day of your vacation.

Choose the Right Company for Key West Scooter Rentals

Naturally, you want to be sure you’re working with a good company based in Key West, FL that offers the best in scooter rentals. Check to see what types of scooters they offer. Do they have both one and two-seater options? Do they provide helmets? Learn as much as possible about the company and then book your scooter rentals. Get all your rentals at A&M Rentals today. We offer all types – Key West scooter rentals, Key West electric car rentals, and Key West bike rentals as well. We have it all here at A&M Rentals – you can check out our selection of Key West Scooter Rentals here and our types of Key West bike rentals here. Stop by today or give us a call to get started! 

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