Road Laws and Safety: What to Know: Key West Scooter Rentals

Road Laws and Safety: What to Know: Key West Scooter Rentals




Key West scooter rentals are fun to get around with if you’re touring or running errands. However, like with most things, renting a scooter involves a lot of details. From road laws and safety to information about the rental company, there are some key things you need to know when renting a scooter. Keep reading to find out some of the most important things to know when renting a scooter!


1. Get familiar with the traffic laws 


The first and most important thing you need to know before renting a scooter are the traffic laws. Every city, area, and street, may have different traffic laws that apply to road use, especially for scooters. Get familiar with the traffic laws in the area where you are planning to rent and ride a scooter. By knowing and paying attention to the road signs, you will be able to enjoy a safe and lawful ride. 


2. Stick to the bike lanes


Some areas have clearly marked bike lanes, while others allow people to ride scooters on sidewalks. If there are bike lanes on the main road, stick with them and avoid riding your scooter anywhere else. 


3. Always keep your hands on the handlebars


Your two hands must always be visible on the handlebars when riding a scooter. The rush of riding can make you feel free but, resist the urge to take your hands off the handlebars. While some roads are easy rides, keeping both hands on the handlebars at all times is compliant to road laws. 


4. Understand the rental contract


The details of a rental contract are very important because they could include some hidden fees. If you don’t study the contract well before signing, you may end up paying more than the estimated rate. Read the fine print of the contract and ask  questions for any part you don’t understand before paying. Some rental companies may charge a down fee or the total sum at the point of renting a scooter. If the rental company doesn’t offer a rate you like, look for alternative choices with other companies. Also, if the scooter doesn’t come with certain features, like helmets, ask the company or go with another option. 


5. Confirm insurance availability 


Another part of the rental contract, which may not be included in some, is the insurance provision. Some rental companies provide insurance for certain (or all) damages, while others don’t offer any form of insurance. Ask for the insurance options available on the scooter and if you aren’t confident with the offerings, use another company. The purpose of using a rental service that has insurance is to protect you in case of any damage. 


Get Your Key West Scooter Rental with Us


As long as you are complying with the road laws and safety rules, renting a scooter shouldn’t be a problem. These tips won’t cramp your style or make riding a scooter an awkward thing, they’re just there to help you know the right things to do to avoid trouble for yourself and others. Stick with the rules and have a fun scooter ride! A&M Rentals has the largest selection of Key West scooter rentals on the island! We also offer different types of Key West scooter rentals, Key West electric cars, and Key West golf carts – fun for the whole family. Stop by A&M Rentals for all of your Key West scooter rental needs. To see our full selection of Key West scooter rentals, click here. To see our full selection of Key West golf carts or Key West electric cars here


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