Make the Most of Any Vacation with Key West Golf Cart Rentals

Traveling to Key West for your next vacation is going to be a lot of fun, but have you considered getting a Key West golf cart rental? In Key West, one of the most common ways to get around is by using a golf cart. These pint-sized vehicles are comfortable, stable, and adapted for all the tight spaces you find on the island. The best part is that A&M Rentals provides three sizes of golf carts so you can choose the one that is most appropriate for your group.


Instead of driving an electric car or learning to ride a scooter, a golf cart is a great alternative. It’s small and easy to drive, plus there’s plenty of room for all your essentials. Keep reading to learn more about how golf cart rentals can create the perfect Key West vacation.


Great Size


Similar to scooters and bikes, golf carts are small. This is ideal for anyone who is spending time in Key West. The island measures only two miles by four miles so a gigantic vehicle may not be the best choice to take in all the sights. Instead, a golf cart will run all day for next to no money, can park in tight spaces, and will easily navigate narrow roads. You’ll even have space for your shopping bags or a cooler.


Excellent Safety


When you choose a Key West golf cart rental, you get safety and peace of mind with the purchase. Golf carts are comfortable enough for people young and old and may be a better choice for those who have grown past the age of scooters and bikes. Lots of leg room, shade from the sun, and good shocks combine for a superb experience.


Simple to Drive


Unlike some vehicles that take time to learn to use, golf carts are a cinch to get around in. You can expect responsive handling, great braking, and steering that gets you through the narrowest paths on the island. An economical engine with lots of power will get you anywhere you need to go.


Exciting Driving Experience


The golf carts you see in Key West are great vehicles designed for legal driving on all the roads in Key West. You’ll have plenty of horsepower to get across the island, along with big tires and other features that are a staple of island living. You’re sure to have a great time driving from the resort to all the attractions.


Choose Key West Golf Cart Rentals from A&M Rentals


It’s easy to get anywhere you want on the island when you choose Key West golf cart rentals from a reputable company. For a huge selection and excellent customer service, you need to look no further than A&M Rentals. We offer free pick-up and drop-off and are available every day of the week at two locations for your convenience.


As the go-to company for golf cart rentals in the city, make sure you book ahead so we can be sure you have transportation ready when you reach the island. We also offer Key West bike rentals, Key West scooter rentals, Key West mopeds, and Key West buggy rentals. So, take a look at our selection, and rent your next vehicle from A&M Rentals Key West. Check out our website to learn more about us, or see our full Key West golf cart rentals page here to see our selection and get started. 


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