A Guide to the Best Key West Electric Car Rental Experience

One of the first things you will want to know about Key West electric car rentals is that these are unique vehicles. Are you considering the best way to get around Key West on your upcoming Florida vacation? There are several ways to zip around town but some are better than others. For the quickest transportation, nothing beats an electric car rental. You can get anywhere in minutes since the island is only two miles wide and four miles long.


But how do you make sure the electric car you rent will provide the best experience? Choose one of the premier rental establishments in the city. Below we’ll share the exact details you need about getting around the island by car.


Reasons to Choose Key West Electric Car Rentals


While some people choose smaller vehicles to get around, you can’t beat the versatility of an electric car. They have plenty of room for a group yet are small enough that you can take advantage of parking you find near attractions, restaurants, and shops.


On top of that, electric cars tend to be easy to operate. As long as you can drive a gas-powered car, an electric vehicle won’t be difficult to drive. They maneuver and handle better than lots of traditional vehicles and include a roof for added protection from the sun.


Want storage? Electric cars are going to excel. You’ll have much more room than you would on a scooter. You can fill the car with all the extras you need for a day in the sun and still have room for souvenirs you pick up when you stop for some shopping.


Sizes of Electric Cars Available


There are three distinct choices when it comes to the size of electric cars used in Key West. A two-seat option can be a good option for a couple coming into town for a romantic vacation. If you want more room or are heading down with more friends, consider a four-seat version to ensure you have plenty of space to make use of.


Some people come to Key West with larger groups and electric cars can accommodate them as well. Rather than getting a two-seat car and another four-seat car for your adventures, there is a six-seat option that will let you get around the island with ease. Consider how many people are in your group when choosing the right electric car for your needs.


The Perfect Electric Car Rental Experience in Key West


Some people prefer to ride around in an electric car during vacation, rather than relying on scooters or golf carts. This is a great option but you need to make sure you choose wisely. When you want the best of the best, make sure you view the selection available at A&M Rentals. 


All of our rentals come at affordable prices and you can choose from a selection of sizes. When you need reliable transportation in Key West, we’ll make sure you have it. We offer the best selection of Key West electric car rentals, Key West buggy rentals, and Key West golf cart rentals. We even offer Key West scooter rentals as well as Key West bike rentals. Check out all of our Key West electric car rentals here, and find out more about us on our website


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