Get Around the Island In Style with Key West Electric Car Rentals

Are you getting Key West electric car rentals during your time on the island? You’ve booked your plane ticket to the island city of Key West for your next vacation and you can’t wait to enjoy all the culture, dining options, and sightseeing the destination has to offer. What is the most efficient way to explore the island in style? With an electric car rental, of course!

Eco-Friendly Options

Also known as golf carts, A&M Rentals has a selection of electric cars for you to rent on your vacation in Key West. They’re a much more eco-friendly option than even public transportation or gas-powered motorized vehicles. While the tourist industry can leave a major carbon footprint, electric car rentals help to curb some of that. You can explore the island guilt-free in your electric car rental, without worrying about fuel emissions. 

Stylish Vehicles

You can traverse the island of Key West in style with your electric car rental. Their sleek, doorless design is sharp and modern and allows you to enjoy the island breeze as you go from brunch to the beach to Duval Street and everywhere in between. Electric car rentals are much sexier than taking the bus and give you the freedom to go directly to the next place on your itinerary without having to ride the route of public transportation. 

Accommodating Sizes

Whether you are visiting the island as a couple, a family, or a small group of friends, A&M Rentals likely has an electric car to transport your group. The two-seater, four-seater, and six-seater electric cars are available for your convenience. With that many options, there are endless possibilities whether your group wants to stick together or split up for part of the day. If you discover the size you’ve rented isn’t right for you, call and exchange it as soon as possible! Bear in mind that this is subject to rental availability. 

Fully Loaded Features

Electric cars are equipped with many of the same features as any other vehicle. You’ll have seatbelts, headlights, turn signals, and even cargo compartments. These features give you the maximum amount of safety and utility with your electric car rental. 

Electric Cars are Cost-Effective

Depending on the size of your group as well as the length of your rental term, you’ll likely find that electric car rentals are the most cost-effective transportation option during your vacation. This is especially true when traveling with friends with whom you can split the rental fee. Taxi or Uber fees and driver tips will add up considerably over the day, and one rental fee can be about the same or less than one or two trips in taxi service for the same number of people.

Call A&M Rentals for Key West Electric Car Rentals

If you’ve decided an electric car is the best fit for your vacation transportation, don’t hesitate to call A&M Rentals. They offer one of the best rental services in Key West and can even pick you up right from the ferry, the cruise ship, or the airport for your convenience. We have the best selection of Key West electric car rentals, Key West buggy rentals, and golf carts Key West. At A&M Scooters, we even have a huge selection of Key West scooter rentals and Key West bike rentals. You can book your Key West golf cart rentals online here or learn more about us on this page