Important Scooter Safety to Keep in Mind When Renting

Important Scooter Safety to Keep in Mind When Renting


Scooter rentals in Key West help you to get around to all of the places you want to visit and experience when you’re on vacation. Instead of walking or relying on public transportation or a car, you can simply hop onto a rented scooter and get to where you need to go quickly and while having fun. However, as fun as scooters are, you always need to remember to be safe when driving. The following are some important scooter safety tips to keep you safe.

Wear a Helmet

Although the state of Florida doesn’t require people 16 and older to have a helmet when riding a scooter, the rental companies will often have their own policies. They want to make sure you’re safe, and they don’t want to have any liability for injuries you incur if you aren’t wearing a helmet.

Helmets will help to keep your head safe in the event of an accident. Whether you are hit by another vehicle or you run into something with your scooter, you want to keep your head as protected as possible. Always wear a quality helmet when you’re on a scooter.

Watch for Road Hazards

When you’re on your scooter, you need to pay just as much attention to any hazards in the road as you would if you were in a car or truck. This might include cones in the road, animals that dart in front of you, or rough roads, for example. Keep your eyes peeled for any issues that you’ll have to navigate.

Along the same lines, you’ll want to keep an eye on the weather. Even though Key West typically has beautiful weather, rain could make the roads slick. In those cases, you’ll want to be extra careful and reduce your speed. If you aren’t used to driving a scooter in slick weather, you might not want to drive during the rain.

Watch Out for Others

Even though you might be careful on the road, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is a good driver. Always pay attention to what others are doing on the road whether they’re driving a car, truck, or another scooter. Pay attention to pedestrians and bicyclists, as well. Expect them to do the unexpected and have a plan in place to get out of harm’s way in case they aren’t paying attention. Being cautious on the road can help to save you from getting into an accident.

Keep the Scooter Safe

You should also make sure that you’re keeping the scooter safe when you aren’t riding. Park it in safe locations and designated areas. Be sure that you’re locking the scooter up, as well, so it doesn’t run the risk of getting stolen.

When you’re choosing scooter rentals in Key West, make sure that you’re renting from a reputable company that provides reliable scooters that are well-maintained. When you incorporate these safety tips when you’re on a scooter, you can enjoy your trip without worry. A&M Scooter Rentals Key West specializes in getting you and your family the best selection of Key West scooter rentals and moped rentals. We also offer Key West electric car rentals, buggy rentals, and even Key West bike rentals. Check us out on the island or online today.