Our Full Selection of Key West Electric Car Rentals

When you’re planning a trip to Key West, one thing to keep in mind is that there’s a ton to do. You want to be sure you’re exploring the island most comfortably and conveniently. At A&M Rentals, we offer a wide variety of electric vehicles designed for the unique characteristics and needs of Key West. From solo adventurers to big groups, we have options for everyone to take on the island the way they want to do so.


Reasons to Choose an Electric Car Rental


Electric cars are an excellent way to get around Key West. They combine convenience with awareness of the environment. Unlike typical vehicles, our electric cars are made specifically to meet the needs of visitors to the island. They provide an efficient and relaxed way to get from one place to the next, so you can easily see all you want of Key West during your stay.


Sizes for All Groups


Flexibility is important to us at A&M Rentals. That’s why we offer electric cars in several sizes so you can travel the way you want to. Our two-seater is great for solo adventurers or couples. The vehicles are compact and easy to use to zip around the island quickly to visit all the top attractions.


For those who have a small group or who are traveling with their families, a four-seater may be the best solution. It’s a great way for everyone to stick together. We also have six-seater options. Even a larger group can explore together without worrying about several cars.


If you have a larger group, consider booking more than one car to accommodate everyone at the party. You can all go places together or split off and do several things at one time based on your preferences. 


Benefits of Choosing an Electric Car Rental in Key West


Choosing an electric car is useful for many reasons, especially when it comes to Key West. First of all, even the largest cars we rent are designed to be compact. They’ll easily fit into parking spaces, which is a huge advantage when you’re spending time somewhere with tons of people around.


In addition, the cars we rent are easy to operate and completely street-legal to use on the island. They are easy to maneuver and similar to driving a traditional vehicle except with better handling. 


Equipped with roofs, the cars can protect you from the sun as you zip around the streets of Key West. In addition, they provide lots of storage space for beach items, a picnic setup, or all your shopping bags. 


Ready to Book?

If you want to plan your adventure to Key West, make sure you book your electric car rental. A&M Rentals is available to reserve the perfect vehicle so you can be sure your vacation is as fun and stress-free as possible. Browse our website to see our full selection of vehicles, as well as information on how to get started with an electric car in Key West.

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