Safety Tips 101 for Your Key West Scooter Rental

Renting a scooter in Key West is a great way to explore all the charm of the island while taking in the gorgeous coastline. However, taking things on two wheels can be a challenge when it’s new to you. It’s important to make sure you prioritize a safe and accident-free experience. Below are several safety tips for your scooter rental from A&M Rentals.


Check the Scooter Before Riding


Before you jump on the scooter to go somewhere, make sure you do a quick check of everything. Make sure the horn, brakes, and lights are all working the way they should. Look for signs of damage or wear and check out the tires. If you see any problems, let the people at A&M Rentals know so you can get a repair or replacement.


Be Aware of Road Conditions


Key West often has beautiful weather conditions, but they can change. This also applies to road conditions. Make sure you are careful on wet roads, especially after the rain comes down, as it can cut down on the grip of your tires and make slipping more likely. Also be careful of loose gravel, potholes, and uneven surfaces. Slown down in these situations to remain in control of the scooter.


Keep a Safe Distance


Make sure you stay a safe distance from other vehicles. Scooters are relatively small and can slip into the blind spot of a car, truck, or SUV. Keeping a good distance away gives you extra time so you can react to road hazards and the things that other drivers do. Try not to weave between lanes too much either, since this can startle others and be dangerous.


Don’t Drive Under the Influence


You should never drive a scooter if you have been drinking or taking drugs. Riding a scooter requires you to be fully alert and capable of precise coordination. These are both impaired when you indulge in substances which makes it more likely you will get into an accident.


Secure Your Belongings


It’s best to avoid hauling around heavy, large bags when you ride a scooter. They can start to throw off your balance, which is unsafe. Instead, use a backpack. You can also place items in the storage area if there’s room. This lets your hands remain free so you can easily operate the scooter.


Drive Defensively


The best thing you can do to stay safe is to anticipate what other drivers around you might do. Be careful when you’re at intersections and watch for any cars that might turn in front of you. Make use of your mirrors and turn your head to check on blind spots before you make turns or move from one lane to another. Click Me for more helpful info:

When you follow these safety tips from A&M Rentals, you’ll be fully prepared to enjoy all the beauty of the island comfortably and safely. Remember, riding your scooter responsibly will help ensure your safety as well as the safety of anyone in the same area. CONTACT US TODAY!

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