Go Electric! Enjoy all the Benefits of a Key West Golf Cart Rental

Embark on an exhilarating adventure in Key West with our electric car rentals from A&M Rentals. These eco-friendly vehicles offer a unique way to explore the island, providing comfort, convenience, and a sense of freedom and adventure. With an electric car, you can make your vacation the most fun and memorable experience without the stress of transportation. Experience the joy of driving an electric car and see how it can enhance your journey from one must-see destination to another. 

The Benefits of Choosing an Electric Car

Electric cars are designed to be compact on the exterior but spacious on the interior. At A&M Rentals, we have several sizes of electric cars so that you can accommodate your loved ones with plenty of legroom, headspace, and a cozy atmosphere. 

  • Reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Quiet operation and instant torque. 
  • Fuel savings = cost savings. 
  • Reduced reliance on imported oils. 
  • Easier parking in compact spaces. 
  • Family-friendly. 
  • Simply fun to ride and drive.  

Planning a vacation with friends or family? We have a range of electric cars to suit your needs. Whether you need a compact car for a couple or a spacious vehicle for a larger group, we’ve got you covered. 

We have the perfect solution if your group is larger than six people. Accommodate everyone by booking more than one electric car for your stay in Key West. Map your routes and go everywhere together or split the attractions with one group doing one thing and another doing something else. There are many possibilities, and we’re here to make it all convenient for you! 

Protection from Inclement Weather 

Strong sunshine and popup thunderstorms are the norm for Key West summers. Luckily, electric cars have roofs, making it easier to remain dry and safe while you cruise around. Additionally, a spacious trunk provides optimum space for inclement weather gear and maybe a cooler with snacks, water bottles, and cold drinks. 

While on the island, pack a poncho or umbrella for when you get out of the electric car. While rainstorms only last a few minutes at most, you don’t want to get yourself or the car interior wet by stepping out into the drizzle unprotected. 

Where to Park and Charge

Our Key West electric car rentals are slender on the exterior with a compact aesthetic while being spacious on the interior for drivers and passengers. So, where do you park? There are designated parking spaces around the island for electric cars, but these vehicles are consolidated enough to fit into regular parking spaces. 

At A&M Rentals, our electric cars are battery-powered, and you can charge them at one of the many charging stations in designated lots around Key West. Be attentive to the battery gauge while driving; you don’t want to be left stranded with no charge on your vacation! 

Are you excited about the possibilities of your upcoming vacation to our Florida paradise? Great! To book your choice of Key West electric car rentals, CLICK HERE to get started!


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