Renting a Key West Scooter Rental? What You Need to Know!

Have you ever ridden or driven a scooter before? A&M Rentals provides a few safety types for your Key West scooter rental.


The more you know about your scooter, the safer you’ll feel. Take the time to get to know how your scooter handles and moves. Learn how to navigate corners and turns, back up, and move forward—all before you travel long distances. Treating your scooter like an extension of yourself when driving would be best, so familiarize yourself with the gadgets, gears, and wheels.  


Always Gear Up 


Take charge of your safety. Treat your scooter like you would a bicycle or motorcycle. Wear protective clothing and a helmet to keep your head and body safe while you ride. No one wants to get into an accident but think of it as a proactive measure to avoid injury in case of something unexpected, like a fall from your scooter. 


Obey Local Traffic Laws at All Times!


Do you know the road rules for riding a scooter in Key West? Let us help you! 


  • Be attentive to traffic lights and signs like you would be aware of in a car. Yield, stop, and go when appropriate, and never attempt to cut through traffic or cut in front of someone in a vehicle. Drive intelligently and defensively to avoid an accident. 


  • Anticipate the movements of other drivers. While Key West drivers are no strangers to scooters on the roads, scooters can easily get lost in a blind spot. Remain alert to the driving patterns of those around you to stay safe on your scooter. 


  • Scooters are available for drivers over 18 years old. A&M Rentals would prefer that a licensed driver have experience on the road before renting a scooter to explore Key West.


  • You cannot park your scooter on sidewalks, residential parking, or loading zones but in designated parking areas around the city. Key West is scooter-friendly, so there are designated parking spots in almost every lot. No parking spot? Parking alongside a curb is the next best thing. 


With A&M Rentals Key West scooter rental, you sign a contract that promises to obey traffic laws and drive responsibly. Breaking this contract may prohibit you from renting scooters here in the future. 


Be Mindful of Inclement Weather, Road Conditions, and Distractions 


It’s not unusual for there to be popup rain showers in Key West, especially in spring. Rain makes roadways slicker everywhere, so you can expect inclement weather to affect roads in Key West. Be mindful and aware of changing road conditions when driving a scooter. You don’t want the tires to slip and cause a severe injury. 


The same attentiveness is required for driving with other motorists on the Key West roadways. The island is small and woven with scooter-friendly nature paths, but the urban areas can get busy and chaotic, especially at dusk when residents are heading home from work. Again, be mindful, remain aware, and make a conscious effort to drive safely. 


Learn more about scooter safety by calling A&M Rentals. We are well-versed in Key West scooter rental! Visit our website today!


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