Know the Road Laws and Rules with Your Key West Scooter Rental

Scooters are a great way to get around Key West and other small islands in the Keys. However, they also have laws and rules that come along with them to keep everyone safe. Key West takes road safety seriously because of the massive pedestrian population and limited space on the island. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

  • Electric scooters and bikes can be ridden on the roadway but must obey all traffic laws. This includes signaling, stopping at intersections, using lights when it’s dark, and so forth. Riders who are not obeying the laws could be subject to traffic violations. 
  • Aside from the road, you can only take electric scooters and bikes on paths that are specifically designated for pedestrian and bike traffic, such as the Roosevelt Boulevard promenades. 
  • On paths, the speed limit is limited to 15 MPH or less. Riders must yield to pedestrians and give audible signals when passing others. 


Who Can Rent and Ride Electric Scooters?

A Key West scooter rental is an option for anyone who is over the age of 18 and has a valid driver’s license. Those who are under 18 can only ride as passengers. People without driver’s licenses will not be permitted to rent or drive scooters or electric cars around Key West (or anywhere, for that matter). 

If you are bringing a family, you can use multiple adults to rent multiple scooters and have the younger ones ride as passengers. The other option, if you’re traveling with more minors than adults, is to rent an electric car. There are options available for seating two to six people, so there’s something for everyone. 


Where Do I Park?

Key West has a lot of small electric cars and scooters because there is limited space. Parking is also limited, but scooters are required to park legally in designated areas. You cannot just park your scooter wherever you want and go exploring. You could be ticketed or have your vehicle towed, which can make a good vacation go bad very quickly. 

Make sure that you get the lay of the land and look for legal scooter parking places. If you’re not sure, you can ask your rental company when you arrive. They’ll help you understand the laws and rules of scooter rentals on the island so that you can focus on having a good time while you’re here. 


Reserve Your Rental Ahead of Time

Scooter rentals go fast in Key West, so it’s always a good idea to reserve your rental before you go. The sooner, the better. You may find same-day rentals, but it’s not promised. Unless you feel like taking a chance and getting stuck with a bike or electric car (or walking), feel free to book your Key West scooter rental as soon as possible. Contact A&M Rentals to learn more about available scooters or reserve yours today.