Why You Should Get a Key West Electric Car Rental

While planning your visit to Key West, you’ve likely noticed many electric car rental places. If you’re traveling with two to six people, you may even wonder if you should rent one when you come. The beauty of Key West makes locals and visitors alike want to drive around and take in all the stunning sights. Will an electric car rental make this easier for you than your family vehicle? Absolutely! Electric cars make it fun and convenient to travel the whole island while also lowering your environmental impact. 


Eco-Friendly Option

One of the most celebrated benefits of electric car rentals is their minimal environmental impact. Electric vehicles affect the environment less than their gasoline-powered counterparts, making them the obvious choice, especially on a small, populated island. Renting an electric car means you’re doing your part in preserving the island’s beauty for years to come. 


Quiet Rides

Electric cars are significantly quieter than gasoline ones. This means you can sit back, relax, and hear the island instead of the grumbling engine. Your typical family vehicle makes it hard to listen to the crash of ocean waves while driving. Not these electric cars, though; hear the ocean, the birds, and the other tranquil sounds around you. 


Save Some Cash 

With electric vehicles, you don’t have to buy gasoline to drive around, saving you money while on your trip. Plus, there are many free charging stations around the island for you to take advantage of, which makes it even easier to save some money. The lower maintenance costs of electric cars also mean lower prices, which translate into lower rental charges than gas cars.  


Park with Ease

Key West is electric-vehicle friendly, so you’ll likely see many parking spots reserved for them. This is incredibly convenient when visiting popular attractions because these reserved spots are typically closer to the facility. You’ll save time looking for parking, letting you spend more time enjoying the island. Plus, our electric cars are super compact, making it easier to park them in smaller spots than your standard vehicle can get into. 


Some Weather Protection

The weather in Key West is beautiful most of the time. However, if you get stuck on the road while it’s raining, don’t worry. Compared to electric scooters and bicycles, electric cars have more protection from the rain. Enjoy a covered roof and a windshield with a wiper. These features make it easier to stay dry and safe if you get stuck in a rainstorm. 


Use A&M for Your Rental Needs

Electric cars are popular throughout the island because they’re convenient, spacious, and environmentally friendly. If you need to rent one for your upcoming trip, contact A&M Rentals to make your reservation. We offer three sizes of electric cars and free pickup and drop-off, making your rental experience as stress-free as possible. Be ready for a fun driving experience with these great cars.