Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Scooter



Will you be heading out on a vacation based in Key West, FL sometime in the near future? If you are, it’s time that you started planning for your transportation once you arrive. Even though it’s a small island, you’ll still need to have a means of getting around. Scooter rentals can be a fantastic option and one that you’ll want to consider. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when renting a scooter.

You Could Get a Discount for a Longer Rental

Think about how long you’ll be on vacation. Rather than getting the scooter for just one or two days, you will find that it’s usually cheaper to rent for the entire week. This ensures that you always have a fun and reliable mode of transportation while you are on vacation. Renting for a longer period, even if you don’t need the scooter each day, is often a cheaper choice as long as you can find good deals.

Remember the Rental Hours

When you rent a scooter, you’ll end up having a lot of fun. You might have so much fun that you start to lose track of the time. When the days are longer and the sun keeps shining, you might not realize just how late it’s getting. You have to be aware of the time, though, especially if you are just renting for a single day or two.

If the return time is 6:30 PM, you’ll need to be sure that you return the scooter on time, or else you’ll have to pay for an extra day or a late fee. You might find that renting for a longer period makes it easier since you won’t have to worry about returning the scooter at the end of the day.

The Rules and Requirements for Riding Scooters

Before you choose scooter rentals for your vacation, you’ll want to know more about the current rules of the road and requirements that you’ll need to follow. For example, you’ll need a license and you need to be at least 18 years old to rent a scooter and ride it. Make sure you know and understand the rules before you rent for your entire family.

Remember Safety

Although scooters are easy to ride, it’s still a different experience from driving a car. If you haven’t ever ridden a scooter before, you might want to take a lesson before you head out on vacation, or at least familiarize yourself with the parts of a scooter and how the machine works.

In Florida, if you’re over 21 and have insurance, you aren’t required to wear a helmet. Those who are younger than 21 are required to have a helmet. However, even though a helmet might not be required, you may still want to wear one for some added safety.

Choose a Reliable Company for Scooter Rentals

You want to have a great company based in Key West, FL for your scooter rentals. The company should have different types of scooters including two-seaters, and they should have reasonable rental rates. At A&M Scoter Rentals in Key West, we offer the best selection and pricing of electric car rentals in Key West, moped rentals in Key West, and even bike rentals in Key West. Come check us out today and see why our Key West scooter rentals set us apart from the rest.

Key West Scooter Safety 101



What could be more fun than renting a scooter when you visit Key West? Well…nothing, so when you rent that scooter, it’s a good idea to know how to take care of it while you’ve got it. 


If you plan to have some fun on wheels, be sure to stay aware of the tire pressure. While each vehicle may differ slightly, the ideal tire pressure range should range from about 18 to 24 PSI, for the tire upfront, and the back tire should range from 28 to 36 PSI. If you are riding with a companion, your rear tire should have a higher PSI. The same goes for any extra cargo you load. Be careful, overinflated tires car wear prematurely thanks to the increased road friction. This can lead to them becoming punctured easily. Proper air pressure will lessen the risk of a crash, traction loss, and the potential of getting stuck with a flat tire. 


Low engine oil in your motor scooter can damage the engine. Keep an eye out for any signs of oil leakage, and if you see an issue, be sure to use the properly-rated oil. When you fill-up, be sure to use gas that is ethanol-free. Ethanol may absorb water and lead to the vehicle’s plastic tanks deteriorating. 


Be sure the brakes are working properly while you are using the scooter. A good indicator of brake pads that are wearing out is how much pressure you have to exert on the pedal to activate the brakes. If you hear a groaning or whooshing sound, this can also be a sign of a brake issue. 


There are just a few simple things to be aware of when you take that scoot around beautiful Key West. Stay aware, be careful, and have a blast. 


At A&M Scooter Rentals in Key West, you can learn about taking care of the scooter and other information you may need! With their help, you will be ready to ride in no time! Check us out for more information on the different electric scooters we provide in Key West. We offer scooter rentals, bike rentals, and even electric car rentals.