Key West Scooter Safety 101

Key West Scooter Safety 101



Traveling to Key West is always an excellent idea. There are a ton of cool sites, and the weather is always awesome. Don’t think there’s a way to make the trip even better? Think: Scooter!

Renting scooters in Key West automatically pumps up the fun factor, but if you’ve never rented a scooter before, there are few rules of the road you’ll want to know before you go. 


The first thing to keep in mind is that motor scooters follow the same rules as all of the other motorized vehicles on the road. Being that you’re on two wheels, that typically makes you less visible, and therefore more vulnerable than larger vehicles on the road. Be sure to keep up with the speed limit, driving far below the speed limit does not give other vehicles the same amount of time to slow down when they see you. Scooters are not allowed in bike lanes, because they are motorized. 


Scooters are lightweight and have small tires. The center of gravity is higher and a quick maneuver, or riding on unstable road surfaces, can cause you to have a spill. Always look ahead to be aware of what’s coming, and be conscious of the road surfaces you are driving on. Gravel roads, roads with lots of potholes, and sandy surfaces are to be taken with extreme caution, or better yet, avoided altogether. 


When driving near parked cars, keep enough distance between your scooter and car doors. An unexpectedly opened car door can cause a big impact. Also, avoid driving the scooter between lanes of stopped, or slowed traffic. Other drivers are not likely aware of you in moving traffic, so drive assuming no one can see you. 


For extra safety, try to say on streets with less traffic, and avoid roads that have speed limits well above the speed limit of the scooter. Choose roads that are typically dry, and if it’s raining, you may want to consider renting a scooter another day. Wherever you go, wear a helmet! Even though helmets are optional in Florida if you’re over 21, wearing a helmet could be the difference between a little spill and a serious injury. 


Renting a scooter in Key West can be a blast. With a few simple precautions and some basic awareness, you can scoot your way to one great trip to Key West! A&M Scooter Rentals in Key West will teach you all that you need to know! Check out their electric car rentals and buggies now! For more information, check out our website today.