Make the Most of Your Vacation with Key West Scooter Rentals – 4 Reasons

Don’t get stuck walking around in the hot summer sun when you can get a Key West scooter rental. While being on vacation is fun and relaxing, there’s probably a hovering thought in the back of your mind that is keeping a countdown until your free time is over, your vacation will be spent and it will be time to head back to your reality and everyday life. Your getaway might be leisurely in nature, but it’s still on a time clock for most people and will eventually come to an end. For that reason, you want to enjoy your vacation as much as possible, as efficiently as possible. A scooter rental in Key West can help you do exactly that. 

Key West Scooter Rental Options

A&M Rentals offers one and two-seater scooters, depending on the number and age of people you’re traveling with. Scooter operators must be at least 18 years of age, regardless of license privileges they may have back home if they’re younger than 18. A pair of two-seater scooters could be a fun option for two couples to explore the island. If your smaller travel group decides they’d like to travel by scooter, everyone can rent their very own and you can travel in a fleet, as safely as possible, of course. 

Avoid Waiting for Public Transportation

Taxi services are available in Key West as well as a public bus system. However, these options will either be less cost-effective than a scooter rental or involve wasting precious vacation time standing around and waiting for the bus to come along its route. Then, you’ll only waste more time riding the bus from stop to stop without being able to go directly to your next destination. The main benefit of renting scooters in Key West is the efficiency of going where you want when you want as long as you’re using roadways on which scooters are permitted. 

Decide Where You Want to Go

When using a Key West scooter rental, your destination options on the island are endless. So look up things to do ahead of time, make your list, and plan your route. Using a scooter rental is a great way to work through your itinerary efficiently and with a fun twist. 

Keep Safety in Mind

Tourists are notoriously reckless when using scooters. It might seem like just a bit of fun to use your scooter’s horn excessively, but that’s illegal. Reckless driving in general is irresponsible and is a good way to ruin your vacation. You’re supposed to be having fun, and driving your rental scooter safely can help you continue to do so. Wear a helmet, obey all traffic rules, and give pedestrians the right of way. The only enjoyable vacation is a safe one. 

A&M Rentals Can Set You Up

With one-seater and two-seater scooter rentals available, A&M Rentals in Key West can help you enjoy your vacation with one of the most efficient transportation methods on the island. They offer well-maintained equipment and have accommodating customer service to make sure your Key West vacation is the best one yet. A&M Rentals offers the best selection of Key West scooter rentals, Key West electric scooters, and Key West mopeds. A&M Scooters doesn’t stop there – we even offer Key West bike rentals and Key West golf cart rentals. Check out our Key West scooter rentals page here to book now. You can also check out our Key West electric car rentals page here. Contact us today to get started!