Scooter Rentals: Get Around the Island in Style

Key West scooter rentals are one of the most popular options for getting around the island. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the convenience of scooters and while most locals own theirs, tourists will need to find a reliable scooter rental service to get theirs. Fortunately, that’s not hard to do. It’s also important to remember the rules of the road and brush up on local etiquette before you hit the road. 

It takes less than 10 minutes to get from one side of the island to the other, so traditional automobiles aren’t really popular in Key West. Even the locals prefer to have golf carts, electric scooters, or bikes that they can use to get around instead of having to get their larger vehicles out and try to navigate the area. And scooter rentals come in all kinds of cool styles, allowing you to look good, no matter where you go. 


How to Choose a Scooter Rental 

There are several types of scooters out there today, from electric scooters to moped-style scooters and everything in between. Searching for Key West scooter rentals will help you understand what you can get for your vacation. It will also help you get an idea of what to expect in terms of costs. You’ll be happy to know, though, that you can usually get an excellent scooter rental for less than $75 per day. 

Smaller scooters and long-term rentals maybe even cheaper. It all depends on the size and style that you want. When exploring different rental companies, make sure that their scooters are all insured and that they are properly licensed to operate as a rental agency in Key West. 


Safety First 

When you’re new to Key West, or any vacation destination, you’ll want to make sure that you’re always following the rules of the road. Scooters have to follow the same traffic laws as cars, so don’t think that you can zip through traffic or ignore stop signs and traffic lights. All riders should also wear helmets for their own safety. Some scooter rental companies require this. 

Do not drive scooters on sidewalks or pathways that are designed for walking and biking. You should remain on the roads or scooter-approved paths. When in doubt, ask or stick to the streets.  


Explore the Island 

While you’re cruising around on your scooter rental feel free to look around and see where other scooters are parked. Look for specific parking designed for scooters, and more importantly, don’t park where you’re not supposed to. This can result in a ticket or getting the scooter towed, neither of which will make your vacation enjoyable. 

Key West Scooter Rentals at A&M Rentals

Taking advantage of a golf cart or scooter at A&M Rentals can save you time and money. The cost of these rentals is much lower than a car. Additionally, you’ll save time by having the ability to access parking that’s much closer to your beach and attraction destinations. We have everything you need regarding Key West scooter rentals and moped rentals in Key West. It doesn’t stop at just Key West scooter rentals, though. We also offer Key West bike rentals, Key West electric car rentals, and Key West golf cart rentals. Check out our selection of scooter rentals here or on our full website

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