5 Basic Safety Tips – Key West Scooter Rentals

If you are planning a trip to Key West, be sure to consider Key West scooter rentals. When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want is to deal with an accident or injury. Vacations are supposed to be fun and carefree. Renting a scooter to get around Key West is a great idea, but before you operate a scooter, you should be aware of basic safety measures to take to keep yourself and the rest of the population safe when you ride. Here are five of the essential tips for keeping safe on a scooter.

1. Wear A Helmet and Other Safety Gear

Before you get on a scooter, you should dress for a successful riding experience. Wearing helmets and other safety gear such as clothing that can be easily seen and the correct shoes can literally save your life. Riding a scooter leaves you far more exposed than driving a car does. It must be emphasized that safety equipment is essential for riding any scooter.

2. Use the Correct Posture

It is crucial when riding a scooter to use the appropriate posture. Balancing, turning, and changing lanes can be intimidating if you’ve never ridden before. One wrong move when riding can signal disaster. Being unsure of yourself on the scooter is a dangerous prospect in and of itself. 

To ride correctly, your forearms should be parallel to the ground with your biceps at a 90-degree angle to your forearms, and they should remain that way. Pay attention to your feet and legs as well; don’t use your feet to stabilize. Your feet should stay in a secure position on the floorboards away from the road. Remember, it’s a good idea to practice riding before getting onto a roadway to be both more comfortable and safer.

3. Obey All Traffic Laws

Two-wheel vehicles must follow traffic laws like every other vehicle on the roadways. Follow any signs, and make sure you keep to the speed limits. Be sure you allow pedestrians to have the right of way. 

4. Watch for Road Hazards

Road hazards can be more dangerous for scooters than they are for cars. With that in mind, be aware of your surroundings. Watch closely for gravel, potholes, or oil on the road. Railroad tracks can also be dangerous for scooters. Those should be crossed at as close to a 90-degree angle as possible.

5. Pay Attention to the Weather

Scooters will slip and slide just like a car on wet streets. If possible, you’ll probably want to take alternate transportation if the weather is bad. However, that isn’t always feasible. If you must be on the road in inclement weather, slow down and drive with caution. 

Key West Scooter Rentals

If you follow these safety tips, riding a scooter can be fun to travel while vacationing in Key West. If you have any questions about riding a scooter or would like to rent one for your trip, contact A&M Rentals for your scooter needs. We offer the largest selection of Key West scooter rentals on the island – so stop by! Whether you are looking for Key West scooter rentals, Key West bike rentals, Key West buggy rentals, Key West mopeds, or Key West golf carts, we have it all! You can find our full selection of Key West scooter rentals here to get started.