Take Your Vacation to the Next Level with a Key West Scooter Rental

Take Your Vacation to the Next Level with a Key West Scooter Rental


Are you heading into Key West – you might want to consider a Key West scooter rental. If you normally drive down, rent a car, or take public transportation, we have a great alternative. It might completely change the feel of your next vacation. All it involves is booking a scooter for the duration of your stay in Florida. You’d be surprised by how many perks it can offer, not least of which is that it’s far less expensive than renting an SUV for the family.


Scooters Solve Parking Issues


One of the great things about scooters is that the parking issue is all but eliminated. If you’re going to visit major attractions, you know how hard it can be to find parking. Scooters make life easier. There might be special scooter parking, and if not, you can park a mile or so away and walk. There’s not always space for that when traveling by car. 


Heading to a restaurant or shopping center? Scoot all the way to the destination. You can take a scooter to the nearest door or curb and find space for it much easier than a traditional vehicle. It makes life a lot easier, plus it lets you really experience the city better than in a car. The wind and sunshine will be a great perk as you ride from one place to the next.


Scooters Are Great for Short Trips


Walking a mile or so from one place to another might be fine, but any longer, and you might start to get tired. Scooters are the perfect middle-ground for trips a bit too long to walk and not long enough to jump in a car or a taxi cab. If you want to see the beach and then head downtown for shopping before going back to the hotel, this is something the scooter can help with.


In a city with a lot of walkability, such as Key West, scooters make up the difference. Walk, scoot, and get wherever you want in no time. It makes for a quick trip to close destinations and keeps you from getting fatigued if you need to travel several miles. 


Scooters Are Light and Efficient


Compared to a bus or an automobile, the scooter is super light and fuel-efficient. If you choose to rent a car, you might be wasting gas just to move you, a friend, and a couple of bags a few miles. On the other hand, a scooter weighs around 20 pounds and uses no fuel. Instead, it runs on electricity, so it’s far better for the environment. Of course, charging a scooter has carbon costs, but they pale in comparison to driving a car around for days on end.


Scooters Get You Outside


Scooters encourage you to spend time outdoors, and you can enjoy all sorts of fun locations on vacation once you get out into the world. They’re fun to ride and give you a sense of freedom you might not experience with other vehicles. Scooters are great on all sorts of vacations, even family ones with younger guests. Kids can ride their own scooter or sit in a second seat and ride along with an adult.


Try Key West Scooter Rentals 


If you are going to be spending time in Key West, why not change up your vacation plans and try riding a scooter? A&M Rentals offers a variety of scooters to choose from and they can be dropped off right at your hotel room. So, give it a shot and experience a fun and exciting way of exploring the city. We offer the largest selection of Key West scooter rentals on the island, and even Key West bike rentals. Whatever rentals you need, we offer it! We even have key west mopeds and Key West electric car rentals available. Get in touch with us today to get started. 


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