Staying Safe on the Road with Your Key West Scooter Rental

Staying Safe on the Road with Your Key West Scooter Rental


There’s no better way to get around Key West than with a Key West scooter rental. You can easily make it to popular locations without worry about traffic or parking woes. You can zip down the streets, cruise along the beach, and take in all the top sights while the wind blows through your hair. 


Scooters are an inexpensive and exciting way to get around Florida, but safety always has to come first. So, we want to share a handful of tips that will keep you safe while you enjoy the experience of cruising around on a scooter. 


Wear the Right Gear


If you wear no other piece of safety equipment, it’s essential to have a helmet. This is the most important piece of safety gear for anyone on a scooter. Wearing a DOT-approved helmet is the best way to avoid a head injury if you get into an accident. Adding a faceguard or goggles will also keep sand and dirt out of your face.


Want to make sure your entire body is protected? Scooters don’t need the same gear as a more powerful vehicle, like a motorcycle. However, a light jacket and long pants will provide a bit more protection if something goes wrong. You can also add reflective stripes or bright colors to your outfit to make sure drivers see you on the road.


Drive Safely


Some rules for driving cars carry over to using scooters, but some are a little different. Being familiar with a few tips will ensure you are safe every time you hop onto the scooter.


  • Use the turn signal – Using the turn signal is important on a scooter just like it is with a car. It may be even more important when on a scooter. It ensures the drivers nearby notice that you are going to turn a corner or change lanes. This makes it less likely that you will be cut off. 


  • Remain visible – If you drive a car, truck, or SUV, you’ve probably experienced coming up next to motorcycles and finding them hard to see. Scooters can get in that same blind spot for cars and be impossible to see. Do what you can to stay out of the blind spot so drivers know you are nearby.


  • Keep to the speed limit – It might be tempting to zip off down to the beach as quickly as you can, but it’s not safe to do so. Instead, make sure you are aware of the posted speed limits and keep your pace at an appropriate level while fitting the flow of traffic.


Avoid Theft


Common sense is more than enough to avoid theft when you’re riding on your rental scooters in Key West. Make sure you use a lock to secure the scooter when you stop at destinations. You should also avoid leaving any valuables on the scooter. Instead, carry the things you need and leave everything else in a safe in your hotel room.


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